8 Awesome Activities For Stoner Couples

8 Sep 2019
Watching a movie and smoking marijuana

If your Mr. or Mrs. Right loves weed as much as you do, then they are keepers. When you both smoke weed regularly, it goes without saying that you’ll be eager to experiment with different activities for stoner couples. This could even help you tighten the bond between you and your partner. The sea of possible ideas for the bud couples to spend time together is endless, and if you get that energizing, creative buzz from your beloved strain, you’ll soon be wanting to share this abundance.

Let me help you reorganize your ideas by suggesting some of the best activities for stoner couples to enjoy their lovely moments.

Best Activities for Stoner Couples

1. Cook Together

Cooking together and cannabis for stoner couples

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Seriously, nothing seals the bond between a stoner couple like a large bowl of… a hearty meal, you weed perverts! The food rampage you enter the moment cannabis kicks in doesn’t limit you to finding the nearest fast food and stuffing your stomach with junk food. On the contrary, this somehow guilty pleasure can be less guilty if you cook your favorite burger or pizza together.

People often perceive indulging yourself in food as an indicator of an eating disorder. Not to mention that they typically associate comfort food with the aforementioned junk food, although these are completely different worlds. So, to cut the long story short, yes, you can eat a hearty delicious meal and still provide valuable nutrients to your body. Above all, the taste of homemade food is unparalleled. The cooking ritual may even trigger some nice sexy time afterward. It’s one of the best activities for stoner couples if you ask me!

2. Go For a Walk

Walking and smoking weed together for stoner couples

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Sorry, I can’t resist – it’s simple like a walk in a park. How about a couple of hits in the comfort of your home followed by a nice walk around your favorite places? Actually, you don’t even have to go sightseeing – any unique locations in your town will work. Sometimes, all you need is nice surroundings – like a park, forest, or your favorite spot somewhere on the outskirts – and a piece of freshly ground bud rolled in papers.

3. Go To Your Local Movie Theater…

Watching a movie and smoking marijuana for stoner couples

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If there’s a cinema nearby, take your boo for a movie you’re both going to enjoy. You know, the latest episode of Star Wars has just arrived at movie theaters, so now you have a perfect excuse to set up a cameral before-party for the two of you and hit up your local cinema to enjoy your favorite story in the galaxy, far, far away.

If you find large crowds disturbing, take the opportunity and go for a movie earlier during the day. Believe me, you’ll hardly find anyone in the room at that time when most people typically are in their offices. So, there you go, grab that fat blunt, blaze it, and enjoy the adventure!

4.  … Or Grab Yourself Some Snacks And Watch Netflix

Snacks and movies, smoking weed for stoner couples

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Back in the day, I would go anywhere stoned, but now that my fiance and I have discovered the beauty of the undisturbed peace, we like to relax at home. For example, when we’re back from the walk and have our homemade snacks ready for the munchies, we just launch Netflix and sink into the fictional world of the characters we follow in the TV series of our choice.

We usually watch some fun stuff or a fast-paced series that perfectly matches the buzz of the strain we’re smoking at the time. Don’t get me wrong, watching ambitious titles that trigger deeper thoughts is completely okay. But if you share the tendency to overthink stuff when you’re stoned, it’s way better to stream something that’s easy on the brain.

However, remember that Netflix, unlike marijuana, has a high potential for abuse. So if neither of you has a habit of keeping guilty pleasures beyond moderation, you may have a hard time giving the platform a break when you finish another season of your favorite series.

5. Play Board Games, Puzzle, Or Cards

Playing and smoking weed

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When you get baked, you automatically become more creative and willing to try new ideas. With stoner couples, this is times-two. If there’s a board game you two particularly enjoy, or you just want to build large puzzles and give your brain some exercise – just do it. You can also try your favorite card game, and although poker may be a bit difficult to play – given that poker face will be the last thing you’ll be able to keep when stoned – macau will certainly ensure you and your partner several hours of super fun.

6. Spend The Whole Day Baking

A couple smoking cannabis

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There are days when even yawning makes you feel exhausted. So if you and your boo feel like doing completely nothing this day, fill your planner for this date with one simple word – bake. Of course, by baking I don’t mean cakes and stuff. Unless you’re about to bake some tempting chocolate edibles for the lazy day.

Truth to be said, getting stoned with someone you love is already a beautiful experience. So roll up your sleeves and do the same with your weed while listening to some ambient tunes. If you want to finish yourself off with style, grab some sedating indica and see what the evening holds.

7. Have Some Creative Sexy Time

Marijuana joints after sex

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Cannabis is awesome when it comes to sharpening your senses, and intimate moments are no exception. If you want to double (or even triple) your erotic pleasure, browse the Web for best cannabis strains for enhancing your sexy time, buy some of this stash, and let your imagination reign free. Once stoner couples embrace the art of love after smoking cannabis, weed will become the integral part of your sexy games. After all, can you imagine a better threesome than you, your boo, and a big tasty bud?

8. Go To a Concert

Going to a concert

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If you and your partner share a love for a particular genre of music, be it deep house, techno, d’n’b, or indie pop, maybe you should consider celebrating your date by going to a concert together. I believe that outdoor concerts are hands down the dopest. Imagine you and your love dancing together to your favorite songs in the beautiful weather and with people who can also feel this unique vibe. Indoor concerts are pretty rad, too. It actually boils down to how you like to listen to live music.

What about you, fellow stoner couples? Do you and your partner have any favorite activities as a stoner couple? What are your methods to spice up the weed buzz?

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