5 Tips & Tricks for Hiking With Weed

11 May 2021
Hiking With Weed

With warmer weather rolling in, hiking with weed is becoming increasingly enticing. Warm weather, great friends and amazing views – what’s not to like? 

Weed and the great outdoors go hand in hand. However, there are still some best practices that you need to follow to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

A poorly planned excursion involving weed can have consequences that are worse than a green out. Mother nature is nothing to mess with, and taking a misstep even when sober can have disastrous results. 

With this in mind, hiking with weed involves more than just packing a joint to enjoy on the summit. There’s planning and preparation involved, too.

That said, today, we’re going to tell you how you can start hiking with weed the safe and proper way, just as nature intended! 

Hiking With Weed – 5 Tips to Follow

Choose the Right Strain

A lot of thought goes into picking a strain. Equipment, setting and occasion all matter, even if your objective isn’t to summit a mountain. 

Packing a potent indica like Death Bubba to a Friday night party probably isn’t a great idea. Likewise, smoking some Durban Poison before trying to catch some Z’s also wouldn’t be the most brilliant move.

If you’re about to embark on a hike, the strain you choose to bring is paramount to how enjoyable your experience hiking with weed will be. 

For instance, smoking an indica while you’re out with your friends might not seem like a big deal. Sure, you’ll feel sluggish, and maybe a bit zoned out, but nothing too serious. 

Are you smoking a strain with a strong body stone? In the best-case scenario, you’ll need to take more frequent breaks. However,  worst-case scenario, you could trip and injure yourself. 

We don’t want to rule out all indica strains, but if you’re planning on hiking with weed, be sure to pick a strain that’s energizing and uplifting instead of one that’s relaxing and sedative. You’ll thank yourself later!

Bring More Water Than You Think You Need

Hiking With Weed Tips

Water is essential when you’re outdoors, regardless of if you’re integrating weed into the mix or not. Between the hot sun beating down on your head and the strenuous exercise you’re doing while you’re on the mountain, it’s easy to get dehydrated quickly. 

That said, when you’re hiking with weed, water is all the more necessary. We’re all familiar with cottonmouth, right? A regular 2L water bottle might be all that you need to stay hydrated on the ascent and descent, but if you’re hiking with weed, you’re going to want to pack a bit extra just to take care of that cottonmouth. 

Hiking with weed without proper hydration can induce heat stroke and exhaustion, two things that can definitely make your plans go up in smoke and not in a good way! 

Control Your Appetite

For some tokers, binging on some munchies is the best part of the entire weed experience. 

Since cannabis naturally stimulates your appetite, you’re going to feel incredibly hungry after blazing up on the trail in more ways than one, especially if you’re taking a break for the first time and sparking up as well. 

That first hiking break for sure hits different, even more so when you’re under the influence of some gorgeous ganja. Once the munchies kick in, suppressing the desire to scarf down just one more granola bar requires a tremendous amount of willpower. 

Still, you’ll be glad you did later on.

Have you ever tried exercising on a full stomach? Let’s just say there’s a reason why you’re supposed to wait half an hour after eating before you can jump into the pool again. 

It’s not a great time.

You’re going to feel bloated, lethargic and extremely uncomfortable. Combine that with the water intake you’re going to need to suppress your cottonmouth after blazing up, and you may have a recipe for disaster on your hands – or should we say stomach. 

When you take your hiking breaks, make sure only to eat some of your snacks and save the rest for later. Hiking while you’re bloated isn’t fun, and you’re going to be glad you have more snacks stashed away somewhere down the road!

Respect the Trail

Hiking With Cannabis

The phrase “leave no trace” is ingrained in the minds of lovers of the outdoors, but it’s more than just a catchy slogan. Responsible outdoor recreation requires responsible habits, chief among them the need for hikers to respect the woods they’re hiking in.

Nobody wants to see garbage outside when they’re trying to enjoy a scenic vista. Not only is it bad aesthetically, but it’s also bad environmentally. As weed smokers, many of us are notorious for leaving joint butts and ends everywhere we sesh up.

While joint butts might not seem like litter, it is. It doesn’t take much effort to walk to a trash can to dispose of your joint butts properly, but it’s another story when you’re on the trail. 

If you’re going to go hiking with weed, bring a ziplock bag or two to store the butts in so you can dispose of them later. 

In addition to cleaning up after yourselves, respecting the trail also means respecting the people on it. Before you blaze up, find a nice, secluded location away from the main trail, so you’re not blocking or irritating other hikers. 

Tokers around the country already face a lot of unfavourable stigmas, so it’s best to do what we can to change that! 

Don’t do Anything Stupid While Hiking With Weed

When you’re high, a lot of stupid ideas can seem like great ones. You’re probably going to be able to conjure up a few examples even without us providing you with any. 

That being said, hiking with weed should be used as an opportunity to get closer to nature, not a chance for you to get high and do something stupid outdoors. One wrong step here and a misplaced rock there and a seemingly easy hike can land you right in the hospital. 

Save the stupid stuff for after the hike. You’re outdoors for a reason. Enjoy it! 

Opt for Smarter Blazing Devices

Like we said, leaving joint butts around isn’t cool. Not only that, but if you’re out hiking, you’re likely already carrying a bunch of other gear. In this sense, it might not be the most practical to lug around your entire stash box for whenever the inspiration to roll a joint strikes.

Pyro Ceramic Starter Kit 3 600X600 1

A smarter, more plausible and versatile solution would be to pack smarter, not more. In other words, a vape pen might be your new trekking best friend! Not only are vapes a healthier alternative to more traditional smoking methods, but they also are portable and last longer than a standard joint would. 

Vape pens are discreet, convenient and easily transported. You can easily slip them into the pocket of your backpack and be ready to toke on the go whenever the moment strikes. On top of that, vape pens don’t involve combustion, which negates the necessity for lighters or having open flames out in the wilderness. 

In more ways than one, opting to use a vape pen provides a heightened level of convenience and practicality for getting higher both literally and figuratively! 

Hiking With Weed the Smart Way

When used in the right way, hiking with weed is a magical and grounding experience. You’ll feel connected to the forest, the trees and everything inside of it. 

However, using weed irresponsibly while on the trail can lead to some pretty adverse outcomes.

If you properly plan for it, hiking with weed won’t be much different than hiking while sober. 

The difference really lies in your perception of the experience. Hiking while sober might make you focus more on your cadence and rhythm, while hiking with weed can help you get in tune with your surroundings. 

If you want to try hiking with weed, we highly recommend following these 5 tips to ensure you do it safely and responsibly. Remember to respect the trail, respect the plant and respect yourself! 

Happy trails!

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