710 Friendly and Why it’s Going to be the Next 420

15 Aug 2021
710 Friendly

You’ve heard of “420-friendly” before, but what about “710-friendly?” If you’re familiar with the cannabis community, you’ll know its love and affection for cannabis slang.

For almost as long as anyone can remember, 420 has been a popular code used by tokers in the cannabis community to signal that place was cannabis-friendly. It’s also recognized internationally as the perfect time to get high (4:20 PM).

While 420 has a long and storied past, it might be time for the number to make way for a new contender – 710. Just like its older brother, 710 relates cannabis, but in a more niche way. If you’ve ever enjoyed cannabis concentrates before such as shatter, crumble, or even a distillate vape pen, then you’re going to want to know what 710 means.

710 Meaning – What 710 Friendly Means

710 is a special code number used in the cannabis community to talk about concentrates. If you take the number 710 and flip it upside down, the number closely resembles that of “710.”

Additionally, just like how 420 is used to refer to April 20th, 710 is also used to refer to a date, July 10th, or 7/10. If 420 is the term used to represent all things cannabis-related, 710 is the term used to refer specifically to cannabis concentrates! 710 is also known as “dab day” by those in the dabbing community!

Today, 710 is growing increasingly popular way for like-minded cannabis concentrates lovers to identify other dab lovers. While cannabis use within Canada has definitely increased since legalization, many new smokers remain wary of cannabis concentrates.

This unfamiliarity towards concentrates has led many to believe that cannabis concentrates are dangerous to consume. Decades of news stories talking about cannabis oil leading to garage fires and explosions have caused many to look down on concentrates.

As such, the upside-down number wasn’t only used to identify other concentrate lovers, it was also a way to find out if certain apartments, businesses or events were down for dabs and cannabis oil products.

So, to recap, if a business, event, or person is 710-friendly, that means they like cannabis concentrates and are down to get high off of them.

How Did 710 Start? Origins of “710 Friendly”

710 Meaning

While the history behind 420 remains obscured in mystery, the origins of “710-friendly” are much more clearer.

Here’s the official story behind how the number 710 flipped upside down became a code fro cannabis oil lovers.

On 7/10, or July 10th of 2011, a young rapper known as “Taskrok” released an album titled “The Movement.” In this album, Taskrok sang his praises for cannabis dabs and how much he loved getting high with them.

Now, 2011 is 7 years before 2018, when weed first became legalized in Canada. Back then, the cannabis community was much smaller than it is today.

Back then, if you were a 710 kind of smoker, then you couldn’t just get your cannabis oil off of some website or at a dispensary – you had to have a connection. After all, there weren’t any popular stores or places you could just hit up for some good shatter. Finding trusted, safe and affordable weed products was a challenge.

Out of adoration for cannabis concentrates, Taskrok ventured on a quest to spread the gospel behind cannabis oil.

His album, “The Movement,” confirmed 710’s place as the number for cannabis oil and cannabis oil lovers. From that day onwards, July 10th, 7/10 would be known as the day for weed concentrates.

Interestingly enough, Taskrok never took credit for his influence for 710. In an interview, he admits that “he doesn’t want to take credit” for the 710-term at all. He believes that 710 is about uniting weed concentrate lovers together and by using the term, hopes that it can be used to resist the commercialization of weed.

How to be 710-Friendly

To the initiated, 710 is just another number. Now that you’ve read this far, you’ll know that 710 this number represents so much more to so many people.

If you want to be a 710-friendly ally, all you have to do is not discriminate against concentrate consumers.

Despite Taskrok’s movement coming out in 2011, people’s attitudes towards weed concentrates haven’t changed much. Many tokers and non-tokers alike believe that weed oil products such as shatter, budder and crumble are hard drugs.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth, but fact remains that to the average John or Jane Doe,  oil concentrates are dangerous. If enough people take a stance against hating on 710 users and being accepting of the community, then public attitude might shift in the other direction.

710 Shatter

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The Next 420 Event?

710 isn’t going to be the next 420 – because it’s already got many of its own events! Throughout the continental United States, more than 24 events are officially celebrating weed oil day. They include:


While there isn’t an official one in Canada (yet), you can still celebrate dab day your own way the next time it’s July 10th by dabbing it up! From shatter to budder and everything in between, it’s never been a better time to be a weed concentrates guy. Don’t miss out next July! Make your way over to the best online dispensary Canada today and get your dab on!

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