Top 7 Books on Cannabis

12 Sep 2019
Best Cannabis Books

Knowledge is power, and when talking about cannabis to your friends or in public, being informed is of the essence. That’s where cannabis books come in. Because even though marijuana is now globally recognized as a powerful medicinal, there is still a lot of work ahead of us. It’s important to help people shift their mindset from thinking of cannabis as an illegal drug to understanding it as a helpful healing agent and recreational substance. Not only that, we want to assure folks that full legalization will not entail negative social consequences.

A great way to get these essential messages out to the public is to offer resources on the subject. Books about the cannabis industry offer a clear window into the full potential of this many-faceted plant. What better way to acquire valuable knowledge than curling up with a book that is dedicated to the subject of your interest?

The Best Cannabis Books

To this end, we’ve carefully curated this list of books on marijuana that you can use to:

  • Help you better explain the medicinal properties of marijuana to your friends and family.
  • Allow you to give the gift of knowledge to that someone you know who is on the fence.
  • Learn about an aspect of pot you don’t already have mastered, like making your own edibles or growing different strains.
  • Enjoy a great read on a topic you love.

Books about cannabis contain everything you need to know, from improving your growing skills and increasing your awareness of the different benefits, to the different ways of using the herb. Above all, arm yourself with knowledge. It is the best deterrent to the false propaganda that has been fed to us for generations.

So check out our picks for the Top 7 Cannabis Books and start your journey to becoming a marijuana aficionado today!

1. The Emperor Wears No Clothes

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Source: Digital Hemp

Written by the late Jack Herer, a cannabis philosopher and activist, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” is a true cannabis best-seller. In his book, Herer digs deep into three major topics:

  • The use of both cannabis and hemp
  • How they can improve our lives
  • Why they are so hated by most governments around the world

The moment you finish this book, you’ll have gained a deeper insight into the cannabis community, not to mention you’ll never again look at the plant from the sole stoner perspective. It’s no wonder that the book has been named the “Hemp Bible”.

2. Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook

Best Cannabis Book For Learning Different Strains Is The Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook

Source: Goodreads

Author Matt Mernagh has gathered his personal accounts and opinions on over 180 different cannabis strains. He’s also thoroughly and personally researched all of them. Needless to say, the results from his experimentation provide a unique window of expertise, which Mernagh presents in an entertaining and informative way.

The “Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook” is one of the best books on cannabis for all the strain hunters out there. Whether you’re starting your adventure with growing marijuana, or you’re a savory expert who’s excited about choosing strains for the next harvest, Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook will certainly exceed all expectations.

3. Amsterdam: The Coffeeshop Guide

Amsterdam: The Coffeeshop Guide

Source: Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam

Also known as cannabis clubs, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are a mandatory bucket list item for every stoner in the world. If you’re making your first trip to Amsterdam, this book is the perfect starting point for discovering the best coffeeshops available.

This traveler friendly cannabis book has everything you need to know about these famous gathering places. If it’s your first visit to a coffeeshop or you’re ready to try a new place, you’ll want to know the lay of the land. Learn everything you need to know, including:

  • Coffeeshop etiquette
  • What you can expect as far as menu items
  • Which types of music you might hear in different coffeeshops
  • The all-around vibe of each cannabis club

In the book, you’ll find detailed reviews for over 200 coffeeshops. Now, you can pick the places that resonate the most with you and go in like a pro.

4. The High Times Cannabis Cookbook

The High Times Canabis Cookbook


If you’re not into edibles made with junk food and highly processed ingredients, this is the book for you. Finally, a cookbook just for cannabis lovers. No longer will you have to eat candy or devour unhealthy processed snacks to quench your taste for infused marijuana treats.

In the “High Time Cannabis Cookbook”, you’ll learn how to create amazing and delicious edibles for yourself and those you love. Using homemade, healthy, and hearty ingredients, these recipes range from appetizers to cannabis cocktails, and everything in between.

There are thousands of recipes available online for making cannabis edibles, but High Times was one of the first companies to introduce readers to a comprehensive cannabis cookbook. In their book, High Times offers an impressive number of some of the best recipes you’ll ever come across.

5. The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

The Cannabis Manifesto


A list of best cannabis books would not be complete without “The Cannabis Manifesto” How did we come from cannabis prohibition to where we are today? If this question intrigues you, check out this read by Steve DeAngelo, founder and owner of the world’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

The core message of this book is to not take anything for granted; this call to action is in reaction to both the fear-mongering propaganda that hovers in mainstream media, and also the false myths about qualities the cannabis plant doesn’t have. In his unique style, DeAngelo answers key questions about marijuana while encouraging readers to question everything they know about the herb.

“The Cannabis Manifesto” helps you discover the truth about weed by teaching about:

  • The science behind cannabis
  • How various marijuana laws around the world have been developed
  • The cannabis plant’s physical, spiritual, and mental effects

6. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

The Cannabis Grow Bible


They call it a bible for a reason. Without a doubt, this book will help you maximize your yields and pave the way from novice to professional grower much faster than you’d expect. It details every aspect of growing marijuana, featuring both the basic and most advanced cultivation techniques. Once you master this book, you’ll have discovered all the most effective pot growing theories out there.

Enabling you to earn from your own experiences, the knowledge aside “The Cannabis Grow Bible” comes packed with charts, tables, detailed photographs, and clear instructions on how to manage every aspect of growing. A must-have for every cannabis grower.

7. How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High

How To Smoke Pot (Properly)


Well, what’s so complicated about smoking marijuana? You just roll one, blaze it, and inhale, right? Sorry to burst your bubble. But smoking weed is about more than just getting baked and there’s also the chance that you’re wasting a fair share of your greenery. If you want to embrace the art of smoking weed properly and maximize your supply, then it’s high time you read this guide, written by David Bienenstock.

One of the best cannabis books available, “How to Smoke Pot” will teach you insider tips from some of the world’s most recognizable and respected stoners, including Dave Chappelle, Willie Nelson, and Melissa Etheridge. “How to Smoke Pot (Properly)” is both entertaining and informative. Additionally, it covers a wide range of topics, from beginner tips to cannabis as a spur for cultural change.

Cannabis literature goes far beyond the aforementioned books. But these 7 cannabis books are some of the most popular and reputable weed guides within the community. These great reads pack in the essential knowledge about marijuana. Not only that, they give you an entertaining way to learn about cannabis. Best of all, next time someone asks you about the effects of pot or about best way to smoke hash, you’ll be armed with information.

What are your favorite cannabis books? Leave us a comment and share your weed wisdom!

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