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KleerX – Shatter Pack

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Grade: AAAA

Contains: 1 Gram x 4 Strains (Assorted)

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KleerX – Shatter Pack

4 assorted grams of KleerX shatter & one KleerX brand sticker.
*Contents are subject to change*

Available strains:

– Chem Dawg
– Ghost Bubba
– Lemon Diesel
– MK Ultra
– OG Wreck
– Pink Bubba

Click here
 for individual Shatter strains.

Contains: 4 Grams

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Dab using a dab rig
– Dab using a vaporizer/dab pen

Reviews (10)


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  1. James Woodman (verified owner)

    No decarboxylation. Product is not shatter and not a solid at room temperature. Even freezing it won’t make it a solid as its full of waxes and fats still. Worst product Ive ordered so far by a LONG margin.

  2. becausewerepunk (verified owner)

    First time buying shatter, great variety included so I could figure out what I like. Awesome deal too.

  3. northbit (verified owner)

    All 4 were soft, which is fine i guess except that one pack was basically liquid. Squirted out of the wax paper onto the cardboard sleeve. I feel burned.

  4. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Great product. High is very good. Consistency of the hybrid or sativa is better than the indica and easier to use.

  5. DTHunter (verified owner)

    Incredible! Great high

  6. Ryan45 (verified owner)

    Awesome deal, nice selection, great shatter!

  7. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    All taste great. As others stated. The shatter was soft and not glass as it should be. but other than that and it being a bit sticky the overall experience was good and good bang for your buck. Didn’t get the lucky lime everyone is raving about. might have to buy it on my next order. Keep up the great work CBISMO

  8. Patty94 (verified owner)

    All 4 were very tasty, and of good quality. The last of the pack that I opened wasn’t quite as glass like as the others, it was a little bit soft, probably from not being stored properly, but still worked as good as the others as far as smoking goes. The flavour of the lucky lime was incredible.

  9. cmstewart (verified owner)

    All high quality and hi content

  10. SmittyGzUs (verified owner)

    Kleer-X is another solid choice provided by Cannabismo. I got the last sample pack they had and Lucky Lime was in that and was one of my favourites.