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KleerX – Shatter

14 reviews

Contains: 1 Gram
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KleerX – Shatter

KleerX is a craft cannabis brand that strives to create the highest quality products for your lifestyle. They maintain the highest standards of excellence in manufacturing and quality control to ensure clients are given a best-in-class product consistently.

Contains: 1 Gram

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Dab using a dab rig
– Dab using a vaporizer/dab pen

Reviews (14)


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  1. OGJ (verified owner)

    Ordered a 4 pack Of Product. it was soft at room temps, when i opened the box most of the product was liquified, and spilled on the inside of the box packaging. it was tasty, but very wasteful and messy. 2/5

  2. ButtreeBraan66 (verified owner)

    Picked up more of the Pink Bubba, and also decided to try the Chem Dawg this time around! The Pink Bubba, again, both packs were perfect! Super easy to work with and tasted phenomenal! But the Chem Dawg, I was quite disappointed with tbh, and Chem Dawg has always been one of my favourite strains of flower to smoke, when I smoke it. The Chem Dawg was more like a sugar wax then a shatter, it was kinda crumbly as well, and it seemed greasy too. Because it had leaked through the paper and it turned the paper transparent where the product was sitting, it reminded me of a greasy burger turning it’s wrapper transparent! Also, the ball point on my Double Sided Dab Tool can’t pick any of it up at all either, I have to use the scoop on the other side which doesn’t work too well cause it’s rounded. But that all being said, this was the first time I’ve ever had a problem with any KleerX product so I was, like I said, quite disappointed with that 1 gram, but that never usually happens.
    I still HIGHLY recommend this product if you want the best shatter you can buy!
    Pink Bubba and MK Ultra were both prefect every time I bought them! Chem Dawg was the only strain I’ve had a problem with yet!

    Thank you everyone at Cannabismo for more amazing products!

  3. ButtreeBraan66 (verified owner)

    Got the Pink Bubba and the MK Ultra. Both were a perfect shatter consistency, and the Pink Bubba had such an amazing kushy terp profile, that I instantly fell in love with it! The MK Ultra was quite terpy as well, but the Pink Bubba, blew me away! That extra $5 per G to get the higher quality product was well worth it, and KleerX is now my go to for all concentrates, especially for shatter! I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for the highest quality shatter, or concentrate. You will not be disappointed, atleast I haven’t, yet. I’m also looking forward to trying the new strains that got added to the already awesome list of strains as well.

    Thank You Everyone At Cannabismo!

  4. oakleyjody (verified owner)

    Nice smoke!!

  5. jax3353 (verified owner)

    KleerX does not disappoint and certainly justifies its value. Best bang for buck.

  6. Jaybird65 (verified owner)

    KleerX is good. Each pack is great consistency so far.

  7. SinzLynxcat (verified owner)

    Potent in both flavor and effect, the only issue with this brand being crumbly and waxy at times makes KleerX an easy five star.

  8. Chris420chris (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 different kinds. All were great. Only problem is it was vary soft. So it made it a little harder to load into my pen. Other than that its great.

  9. Bree (verified owner)

    Good product! Ordered Mk ultra. Not a favourite strain in our house, but at least we’ve tried it. Definately will order kleerx again tho.

  10. 9317lucas (verified owner)

    It’s great stuff and the taste is phenomenal, Color, taste & texture are all top quality. defiantly will order again Worth every dollar

  11. melon (verified owner)

    Very nice, was a little buddered up, but that didn’t subtract from the quality of product!

  12. Nedra (verified owner)

    Some of the best shatter I’ve had in a while. Very clear, and tastes yummy.

  13. Patty94 (verified owner)

    Very good quality shatter, nice glass like consitency that breaks down into smaller pieces well. Smooth smoke and heavy strength.

  14. Cptcorbin (verified owner)


    The MK Ultra strain is extremely goopy, and very hard to work with. I have mine permanently in the fridge, however even then, a short time in room temperature and it becomes the consistency of mollasus.