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Baked 2g Disposable Vapes




Baked 2g Disposable Vapes come in a wide variety of flavours

Strains Include:

  • Hybrid
  • Sativa
  • Indica

How to use it?
1. Press button 5 times simutaneously to turn device on. Indicator light will blink 5 times.
2. Start vaping by inhaling , firing will start automatically as indicator light will turn on.
3. In the case where the oil is too cold and device is clogged, hold on to center button while inhaling to activate firing. Indicator light will also turn on when center button is pressed.
4. To turn device off, press center button 5 times simutaneously, indicator light will blink 5 times.
5. To charge device, plug into any USB-C charging cord. Indicator light will first blink 5 times, and then start flashing to show that charging has commenced.

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