Tuna Kush

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Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

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Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush is a BC legend that is now surfacing in North American medical cannabis markets. This strain has been deemed one of the most potent available, producing small, dense nuggets that are hard-caked with resin. Although Tuna Kush is not known for its large yield, what does come off these thinner stalks will be rich with potency and flavor. That being said, if this strain makes it to your grow, upgrade your carbon filters because this bud is stinky! Expect notes of pungent skunk, fuel, and a delicate sweetness intermixed.
Flavors: Skunk, Earth, Sweet, Diesel
Medical Use: Stress, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Cramps, Inflammation


Reviews (33)


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  1. james1989 (verified owner)

    Great bud

  2. Marc360 (verified owner)

    A particularly strong odor, but worth the trouble

  3. snowyowl (verified owner)

    Giving this 4 stars only because it wasnt stinky enough for a Tuna. Everything else from the high,bud structure and burn was 5 star.

  4. SurreyStyle604 (verified owner)

    Bomb stuff well worth it

  5. Roach33 (verified owner)

    Spot on for taste and high ,good clean ash

  6. FrankDennis (verified owner)

    It’s alright, but it’s never good when you find seeds in the bag…not the worst product, just not worth the premium price point in my opinion… bud with leaf and seed shouldn’t be considered AAA.

  7. MPM519 (verified owner)

    This stuff is a solid 8 out of 10.
    Very good stuff. Not as good as the stuff that was going around Ontario a few years back though.

  8. MethodCashMan (verified owner)

    Good go to strain

  9. OgFowler (verified owner)

    Reminds me of the actual tuna kush that came in the cans back in the day would recommend

  10. mattlagrandeur23 (verified owner)

    Not bad had a few brown leafs on her tho

  11. Chris420420 (verified owner)

    For 80 dollars a quarter i was expecting much nicer buds. Pretty leafy looking in my opinion i got one nug that looked a bit like the pic but the rest looked nothing like it. Wouldn’t buy this again as it seems way overpriced.

  12. growlow1 (verified owner)

    Tuna kush with a tuna sandwich what a perfect combo.

  13. shorty88 (verified owner)

    Awesome weed, so smooth on the lungs, one if the best ive ever had, nice size buds too

  14. Tweegle (verified owner)

    Awesome Kush. Amazing flavor and high.

  15. vanhooten (verified owner)

    you gotta love that tuna.

  16. Blue buds (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the biggest fan, especially considering the price!!

  17. Mholliday (verified owner)

    Best Sativa I have ever had. It puts me to sleep after a hard days of work.

  18. Ashton420 (verified owner)

    Looked great smell was good but was just not in my top but still is very good

  19. rideordie519 (verified owner)

    Very strong with a slight fishy kush tuna taste. worth every dollhair.

  20. Newfie23 (verified owner)

    Probably some of the best cannabis I have ever smoked, I’ve tried a lot on cannabismo I haven’t been disappointed once, this one still beats all. Potent .

  21. Otter2500 (verified owner)

    Top notch, the smell, the taste, the potency .. only bad thing to say is that i didn’t buy enough of this one..!

  22. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    If your an indica lover you have to try this. Don’t let the name steer you away. It’s awesome and delicious. Great after a hard days work.

  23. Jaytee77 (verified owner)

    Easily the best if not top 2 strains on bismo. Tuna is hella fuego

  24. Conman514 (verified owner)

    Super potent sticky buds!!! this stuff definitely makes my top 5 all time fav’s as of late.
    Has powerful lime terpene flavor’s mixed with a nice kush aftertaste. Will definitely buy this one again it’s worth the money you don’t see it out east very often.

  25. Hemi204 (verified owner)

    Very, very sticky! 10/10
    I hope this one stays in stock often!

  26. JoeyC574 (verified owner)

    This is some stinky stuff for sure ! Nice sticky nugs, with some purple hues. Was expecting a better burning quality from a bud that is considered being a Quad A strain. Overall it was a nice heavy high great for night time use.

  27. BudRus (verified owner)

    Burn 9/10
    Smell 9/10
    Taste 9/10
    High 9/10

  28. Mclovinhd (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely amazing!!

  29. Mclovinhd (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely amazing!! Very potent . Body stoned as fuck. Not recommend for day use if you’re a active person. By far tje greatest kush i ever tried

  30. Tickles (verified owner)

    All around perfect ! Fantastic!

    • Wildcherry (verified owner)


  31. jzrose (verified owner)

    Beautify looking and smellings buds. Complexed pleasing flavour. Very strong effect. A must try!

  32. Rlynden (verified owner)

    Very powerful, strongest stuff ive had from here so far.

  33. ABgirls (verified owner)

    Sticky potent buds
    great smell and taste that you’d expect from this strain
    Heavy hitting right off the bat. Excellent pain relief.
    Euphoric and very relaxing.
    I will defiantly get this again when available.