The Gas

8 reviews

Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

THC: 16-21%


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The Gas

The Gas cannabis strain is a pure Indica created at Clouds farms in San Jose, California, by the famous Loompa breeder. Her parentage is kept in secret. Gas marijuana produces beautiful light green buds covered in amber hairs and transparent trichomes. When smoked they taste of pine and lemons with a diesel undertone. She can be enjoyed by most users due to the moderate 16-21% THC level. Gas marijuana strain is good for evening and night time medical and recreational use due to sedative properties.

Flavours: Pungent, Earthy, Pine, Gas
Effects: Sleepy, Relaxed, Sedated, Happy, Euphoric
Medical Use: Stress, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Sleep Aid, Stimulates Appetite.

Reviews (8)


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  1. R32alex1993 (verified owner)

    Very good

  2. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    Absolutely too notch buds. Amazing stuff

  3. xFallenOnex (verified owner)

    This has been on my order list the last 3 times and zero regrets so far. Good for calming down at night for someone (like me) who has trouble relaxing and sleeping. My only issue would be the price, I have tried better products from here which were also cheaper. But still a great product and will definitely order more!

  4. Gunpoint69 (verified owner)

    Good quailty bud however almost half of my bag was small popcorn kernel size and some slightly bigger only had one bigger bud
    Some of the smaller buds dont burn great
    Not worth the price in my opinion

    Smell: 5/5
    Burn: 4/5
    Taste: 4/5
    High: 4/5
    Bag appeal: 1.5/5

  5. SatTech85 (verified owner)

    very good stuff.

    Smell: 5/5
    Burn: 5/5
    Taste: 5/5
    High: 5/5

    only con would be price IMO

  6. CodyRRR (verified owner)

    This stuff is fooking gassssss. very sticky, stinky, and flavorful!

  7. toronto2018 (verified owner)

    nice one

  8. irishboy81 (verified owner)

    Good iron taste like fet fuel buds. i like the fuel taste that remember me the time in snomobile when am younger.