Purple Kush

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Grade: AAA
nType: Indica

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Purple Kush


Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. Its aroma is subtle and earthy with sweet overtones typical of Kush varieties. Blissful, long-lasting euphoria blankets the mind while physical relaxation rids the body of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. Purple Kush will grow wide rather than tall, and will be ready for harvest following an 8 week flowering time.


Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Grape


Medical Use: Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches

Reviews (61)


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  1. Sabre (verified owner)

    Relaxing and sedating, great if you just want to chill out.

  2. zimzam (verified owner)

    nice buzz with a little push to the munchies

  3. miles.hunter (verified owner)

    This is the infamous Purple Kush most people have heard about so I was willing to try it since it was on sale. Not my favourite bud I’ve gotten from this site but it was still good! I found it made me quite sleepy which was good for me since I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes.

    High 3.5/5
    Smell 3/5
    Tatse 3/5

  4. Cweise (verified owner)

    Not my fave strain, but it helped me sleep, eventually. It technically did work but it seemed like it wasn’t strong enough. I’ve had better from this site.

  5. Catatonia (verified owner)

    It was alright. Nuts really ARE small, and probably better suited for a joint than a pipe. Dried very quickly.

  6. canadian99 (verified owner)

    Good smell, nice fluffy texture, good for joints. bad out of bong

  7. isaywebyyou (verified owner)

    This strain was alright, nice size of buds but it was not great , probably won’t order again unless it is on sale. There are many other strains that I prefer at the same price.

  8. Matterday (verified owner)

    Got on sale for good price. Nice kush, not very dense buds but got me stoned 👍

  9. rideordie519 (verified owner)

    Good reliable kush strain, not very tight buds so it makes it good to roll and burns well

  10. Spencerazz (verified owner)

    Was ordering this for a while and it was great then they switched it out and labeled it the same. My out door is better. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Tried to contact customer service with no reply. Extreamly dissapointed 0/5 if I could. I will not even buy flowers off here anymore because of this shady ordeal. By the way all of the good reviews are from when it was good not from the stuff they are selling

    • Spencerazz (verified owner)

      I put one star they added the second. Still 0/5 in my books tho

  11. jimmy87 (verified owner)

    Had a very nice taste, burned a little too fast in a bowl. I would recommend this to a light smoker or beginner the buzz wasn’t that strong

  12. vitalityzero (verified owner)

    Beautiful coloration with some tasty and nice smelling nuggets, buy this… you wont be disappointed, the picture doesnt do it justice!-so much nicer in person. I normally dont rate strains at 5 stars but for the price and quality, this one is definitely 5*!

  13. rick_moen (verified owner)

    It does the trick, good stuff for going out into public.

    • PapaD (verified owner)

      Was this the single A stuff that was on sale?

  14. WalkOnWater420 (verified owner)


  15. markus_2002 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this strain. Very good for watching funny stuff or just joking around with people. I was busting a gut laughing all the time with this kush. The smoke was moderately smooth and personally I found the flavour nice yet pretty subtle.

  16. rick_moen (verified owner)

    It was okay for the price. hoping to see more of a variety in the near future.
    4/5 high
    3/5 smell
    3.5/5 appearance

  17. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Traits from the Purple Afghani are more prevalent in this phenotype. Nice sativa buzz with some body sedation.

  18. bwoytiuk (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing high. Came at me pretty quick. Nice body and head high. Usually puts me out.

  19. Patty94 (verified owner)

    Ground up well, tasted good, wasnt the strongest, but a good mellow high.

  20. David92651 (verified owner)

    This is one of my fav strains! tastes and smells so good! Nice purple colour to the buds and breaks up nice. will order again

    • BB86 (verified owner)

      Very enjoyable! Yes it tastes good, but the aroma is different than my norm. Is this what they consider earthy? Would order again for sure.

  21. Cforgues (verified owner)

    got this product when it was on sale. and dam is this herb ever amazing. the smell, taste, look and feel are top shelf

  22. Mholliday (verified owner)

    best shit ever man i gotta tell ya……

  23. aais00695 (verified owner)

    Love the smell and the taste. Really good buzz makes me sleep right away. Defanitly worth the price.

  24. Mmclauchlan (verified owner)

    My favourite

  25. Gillybean420 (verified owner)

    Purple strains are amongst my faves and this kush does not disappoint – especially at $180 an oz. Great smell and aroma!

  26. Medic4me (verified owner)

    good stuff, price is right

  27. christajadefisher (verified owner)

    i love purple strains cant go wrong in my opinion

  28. Urbanlover (verified owner)

    Nice aroma and an earthy taste with fruity undertones. Nice relaxing 😎 buzz…another great member of the kush family.
    I would purchase this strain again for sure,

  29. Stretchy24 (verified owner)

    Good price and great kush high

  30. christajadefisher (verified owner)

    kush for the winn lol

  31. Tonysniper2 (verified owner)

    This purple is Really good! 10/10 Thx!

  32. Marc360 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strain, nothing to say against it: you’ll love it. It’s been my safest choice for a while now.

  33. sixaxis (verified owner)

    Delicious Purple Kush! Strong effect on me, remove any pain, relax every muscle, put me in a lethargic mood. Excellent for sleeping! Will definitely rebuy this strain.

  34. jessio1924 (verified owner)

    I ordered a 1/2 oz of this at the end of May… I have been using it just during the day as it really wasn’t very strong compared to what I usually get … I read other reviews at around this time and others are saying the same thing so I think there was just a weaker batch… so I will try the purple kush again…. I really enjoy the smell and taste.. much milder than many others..

    I really enjoy it for doing yard work.. it still makes the back pain go away and lowers my body temp to make working outside in the yard tolerable in the extreme heat..

    I’m not use to getting stuff I can use all day so even if I try it again and it’s still a tad weak for my nightly needs as it didn’t help with sleep for me, I’m happy to keep it for the daytime and to share with friends that aren’t regular smokers around the campfire ect…

  35. Brush (verified owner)

    Love this strain especially when it goes on sale good high from it and well known name.

  36. christajadefisher (verified owner)

    Not very purple. Taste and smell are very good though. would purchase again, the price is great.

  37. jordankach (verified owner)

    It was great weed and effective but it’s not purple at all.

  38. Chris P (verified owner)

    Been smoking it for a week now and I love it. The buds are just as pictured- very dense with crystals and lovely purple leaves here and there. Great high hits you right away and makes yoyvslaced out and sleepy. Push through the couch lock and you have a great body buzz heavy high for a long time, or let the couch lock take you to total relax time.

    What a steal at only $160 an oz!

  39. vanhooten (verified owner)

    great everyday kind of smoke, nothing bad about this one.

  40. Isparkdala (verified owner)

    I tried this one a few months back in the sample pack and was impressed. When this went on sale it was a no brainer. The buds I received were covered in trichomes just like the picture. Very nice evening smoke. Recommend it for someone with pain or stress.

  41. Savagewonka (verified owner)

    The taste is just so good. The buds are big and strong but all green, I was hopping for more détails like a purple coloration. I receive it in 3 days like I was supposed, this is one of the best strain for sleep for sure.

  42. RonHighTower (verified owner)

    Not bad eh. Pretty stoney and overwhelmed at first then the buzz is mellow an sets in with relaxation. Nice big buds.

  43. Xllxpikexllx (verified owner)

    Excellent been smoking this one all day

  44. bigtrippdogg (verified owner)

    Bag arrived, bud looks exactly like the picture,

    taste and smell however, this is not kush, this is bush,

    I have never had a bad order from this site, but I would avoid this if you are expecting a blast from the kushy past,

    Such a shame, I have ordered pk from this site before and it rocked my world,

    Will buy from this site again for sure, but will probably shy away from on sale items from now on

    • Bambinamtl (verified owner)

      I absolutely agree, my boyfriends ordered pk from here before it was FIRE and i was eager to finally have my own, comparing his pk( from his last order 2weeks ago) to mine wasnt even a contest lol this batch of pk WAS NOT PK im so pissed off , i have a quarter i dont even wanna smoke … will be EXTREAMLY hesitant on repurchasing Purple kush… very dissapointed
      0/5 if i could >. <

  45. gabepanton (verified owner)

    What I got did not look like the picture , I received leafy bud with barley any smell and taste isn’t good , I have never been disappointed but this batch was not good

    Taste 1/5
    Smell 1/5
    Look 2/5

  46. mellee115 (verified owner)

    Beautiful looking, purple weed with a nice relaxing high to go along.

  47. Fefe1701 (verified owner)

    Small to medium-sized buds. Light green. Nice crystals. Very nice and persistent fruity smell from the bag. Smoke is mellow, with an earthy taste. Nice calming effect.

  48. Ruffryder (verified owner)

    Just received this Purple Kush and i love evertyhing about it, Taste like good sweet Purple Kush just like i wanted and im a Purple kush lover, product came fast to my house just, everything went smootly, buds a small like other users said before, but its common for purple kush as the biggest bud I seen in my life was half a thumb size…really good body buzz be ready to sit down….😎 I’m from Montreal and last time i smoked this good of a pk i was actually in dawson creek, BC!! loVe BC!!!


  49. Sry.savage (verified owner)

    Great stinky bud and sweet taste, it a must try.

  50. Drfreaks (verified owner)

    Nice bud , smell strong , great high for 1h-2h i recommend it !

  51. ChadBennett421 (verified owner)

    I’m gonna give this purple kush a 3 it had some nice crystal formation and stuff but the buds were a little dry and also the trim job coulda been better. Not bad overall.

  52. Mot201a (verified owner)

    Good if you want to relax and have no plans

  53. Brett10110 (verified owner)

    i am very happy with this product. its got a great taste and just looks amazing

  54. OGbowers (verified owner)

    Great looking and smelling bud , fantastic taste! 7/10

  55. da kid (verified owner)

    Decent bud, Wasn’t the best out of all but am always impressed. 6/10

  56. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste. I nice medium indica. I received all small buds. Perfect for daytime use.

  57. taleckz (verified owner)

    Quite enjoyable purple kush. Strong narcotic indica high, Very pretty nugs with purple throughout and good cure.

  58. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the purple kush from Cannabismo. It’s a bit less earthy than say bubba kush with more of a sweet or fruity tones. Still has lots of that kush kick, just toned back a little making it ideal for those times you want to take it slow.

  59. Mikiki123 (verified owner)

    Good high but i just receive small buds …

  60. L_mac (verified owner)

    Nice, good looking, dank smelling, overall 4/5

    Buds: a little leafy but solid, good trichome covering. Well cured, a bit sticky but not too moist. Dark green buds with lots of amber trichs and purple veins when broken. Came a little flattened, but it looks fire. Dark red pistils, 2.5/5 on appearance just because of the trim job.

    Smell: Nice, dank, skunky, earthy, pungent. A little sweetness. But when broken a slightly sour tuna-Esque hint comes in. The smell alone makes you cough if you stick your nose deep in the jar. Quality on the smell 4/5

    Taste: nice, pungent and skunky with a somewhat flowery undertone. Taste doesn’t stick around long but it’s good while it’s there. This ones a punch in the upper chest though, the heavy trich covering makes for a thick hashy toke, tickles the bronchioles. 4/5

    Effect: mild to moderately narcotic. Shoots a warm feeling into the cheekbones and behind the eyes, where you know your eyes are barely open and you don’t even have to look in a mirror. Good for before bed, great for migraine after headache if you can handle the cough. Nice euphoria too 5/5

  61. Mikematch (verified owner)

    This is very good purple kush. Has a pine and sandal wood taste with a slightly fruity undertone which is consistent with the strain purple kush.