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MOTA – Tincture

Mota was started as a resource for patients they knew as friends.  All Mota cannabis tincture products reflect their original philosophy of careful preparation and devotion to quality and purity. The highest quality derivatives with consistent, pure and precisely specified THC and/or CBD are what Mota tinctures deliver.  Discover the Mota difference.

Reviews (16)


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  1. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    This is hit and miss. Sometimes its great, Other days it lacks strength. Not sure why that is. I even shake the bottle too when I use it.

  2. ILoveEdibles (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I’m thinking maybe I got a bad batch because I bought the 900mg THC and I keep increasing the doses to the point where I tried 4 droppers full and still didn’t feel anything!!

  3. Coxxx (verified owner)

    We have tried the indica, sleep thc and sativa oils, the sleep 1:1 is amazing for helping with insomnia, and the sativa is perfect for day time use, love it!

  4. DelaDeero (verified owner)

    Got one of the indica and one of the sativa and the taste wasn’t too bad but I did use a juice chaser lol. Nice high and easy dosing.

  5. Chillin (verified owner)

    love this stuff, coming in for my third bottle. Tried the black 1000mg of thc and the 900mg of indica. the black stuff hid the taste with some mint or something and was almost worth the extra cost but i did not feel any different between the two bottles so take that as you will. also a warning to some: multiple friends reported “not feeling it”… personally i think these people dont understand the difference between this and the feeling you get from smoking, its more suble and relaxing (i find) but im not them so maybe they really didnt feel it and this product is not for those people, who knows. I love it though, 5 stars. Im trying the one with CBD in it this time, see if i get different feels.

  6. Gbank (verified owner)

    Works pretty good for anxiety. Hoping to up the dose and see if that helps even more!

  7. BigDaddyO (verified owner)

    This stuff hits me hard. Love the product. will buy again.

  8. James7453 (verified owner)

    Helps with arthritic pain. Not a cure, but a good aid.

  9. kdm (verified owner)

    Sadly I was disappointed with this, perhaps an ‘off’ batch, I did not experience even close to the potency expected or described. Unlikely to try this again 🙁

  10. Fabian Sprik (verified owner)

    Maybe my favorite product so far. Easy to control dosing, few drops as needed for a discreet light glow through the day. Gets me by until I can burn at night. Love it!

  11. extremehobby (verified owner)

    Absolute gem. MOTA’s consistency on all their products is top notch. Easy to read increments on dropper. Highly recommended. Start with a low dose and re-up only after 2-3 hours. Less is more.

  12. nichemark (verified owner)

    great for sleep and pain relief. better than CBD on it’s own in my opinion.

  13. Catatonia (verified owner)

    Usually not a fan of tinctures (they all taste awful) but this one had a nice peppermint kick that hid the weird fish oil like aftertaste. Best chased down with some warm tea 🙂

  14. jamesoheare (verified owner)

    450mg CBD Tincture. Seems to work well. No taste at all, which is good. I like that the markings for dosing are easy to use.

  15. Zach111 (verified owner)

    I didnt have high expectations I ordered the 900mg indica thc tincture but I tried like 20-30mg and it was awesome. Great taste
    Will last me awhile and it hits fast under the tongue.:)

  16. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    MOTA never lets me down. This is o exception. Most potent tincture I’ve purchased so far with no terrible after taste like some of the others I have tried. Great for anxiety and pain!