Lindsay OG

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Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

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Lindsay OG

Lindsay OG strain is an award-winning indica dominant flower. It is most known for its potent sedative effects and wonderful pungent aroma. The powerful strain can sometimes be too powerful for the novice smoker as its couch locking effect and waves of euphoria can put you to sleep. But, if you’re an advanced smoker you will love this indica dominant strain as it’s a staff and patient favourite!

Lindsey OG has won both the Cannabis in Canada Society and Karma Cup. This strain’s name is derived from it’s hometown of Lindsay, Ontario. Canadian born and bred!

Flavours: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

Medical Use: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Headaches

Reviews (49)


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  1. Lindsayk13 (verified owner)

    Love this one! The name is pretty dope too !

  2. Salsify22 (verified owner)

    Very good – snuck in slowly on me, and faded slowly. I like that.

  3. cmstewart (verified owner)

    This is good potent sruff

  4. Dddd (verified owner)

    Bought on sale: good value.
    Obviously bottom of the jar as all tiny little nugs.
    Good smoke, but not AAAA.

  5. Jberglar (verified owner)

    Little pricey but did the trick. Looks 4/5 Taste 3/5 Smell 3/5 High 5/5.

  6. MonsterGrizzly (verified owner)

    Great for night use. I love it.

  7. behappyj (verified owner)

    Nice condensed bud, very potent and strong I’ve been cutting down on smoking and I can say this knocked me out.

  8. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    Potent stuff!! Very earthy taste. Don’t make any plans for the evening if you’re gonna blaze Lindsay lol she’s a creeper

  9. CodyRRR (verified owner)

    I’m in love with Lindsay. def a AAAA grade this batch.

  10. loganick (verified owner)

    Just got this recently and a very quick and efficient delivery, it is potent and tasty, however, I’m not sure of the AAAA rating, still would purchase again

  11. Gozi54 (verified owner)

    Definately one of the better Indica’s here – I have a very high tolerance so the strongest strains rarely hit a 4/5 for me!
    About 3.5/5 for the high
    Don’t care about taste as much as high and medical benefits.
    Would buy again, on sale!

  12. toronto2018 (verified owner)

    expensive but tasty

  13. isaywebyyou (verified owner)

    One of the best I have tried yet, will order again.

  14. irishboy81 (verified owner)

    Good no more

  15. Beardius (verified owner)

    One of my favorite indicas and it’s made close to home! As smooth as can be! Wicked pine/earthy taste. Strong high with this one and it creeps up on you in a good way. Visually the buds were very nice looking and this strain is a no brainer for any indica lover. Lindsay Ontario doing big things!
    9 out of 10

  16. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    Wasn’t a big fan of this batch. Def not AAAA. Reminds me of greenhouse for some reason. Not a lot of resin and a very earthy, green type of taste.

  17. wheedkween (verified owner)

    Really nice smooth smoke.

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great tasting OG!! Smells awesome and burns well. The high for me was great; took away my pains but also put me to sleep haha. It could’ve been cause it was as long day at work, but I was out!

    Smell: 5/5
    Burn: 4/5
    Taste: 5/5
    High: 5/5

  19. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    This batch was a lot fresher than the last one. This is a great day time strain. Great OG taste, sour inhale and kushy exhale and aftertaste. Good mix of body and head effects. I’d say this is mid high potency. Not a super heavy stone, which isn’t a bad thing . Some of the finest OG around.

  20. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    Loved the last batch I got, although it was a tad dry it had lots of tasty terps! One of my favourite OG’s and an excellent day time smoke. Perks you right up in the morning with a cup of coffee. Has a nice lemony zest. High-mid potency, you’ll get the headband effect going on when the joint gets down to the end 🙂

  21. Otter2500 (verified owner)

    Bought a g for a tester to match a price tag, had a .9 on my scale, .8 after the trim..!! for 13$ Kinda not worth it.. But the buds are good that fact.

  22. Tonysniper2 (verified owner)

    10/10 Amazing stuff!!!!!!

  23. Ville321 (verified owner)

    Unreal bud smoke one j and your good for 2 hrs +

  24. WalkOnWater420 (verified owner)

    Love this Kush!
    5/5 taste
    5/5 smell
    5/5 smokeability
    5/5 overall impression

  25. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    The bomb! If you tried and like O.G Kush then you will love this stuff!

  26. Isparkdala (verified owner)

    Buds were small but compact and smelled very nice. A little on the dry side. The smoke was very much Kush, thick on the exhale. I’ve ordered from here several times and I’m going to go out and say this is the most potent bud I’ve had.

  27. Lavigne33 (verified owner)

    Verry good kush indica like they said very high quality my only complain is the fact it smell more of purple kush or pure afgan kush not og i think maybe its a og indica pheno but its strong kush overall i loved it

  28. CherryOxblood (verified owner)

    nice buds strong worth the buy

  29. WalkOnWater420 (verified owner)

    High potency. High quality. Price says it all, smoking a bit says it’s better! 5/5

  30. Brittanye_x (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my favourite strains,

    Potency,smell, look everything about this strain makes me love it and always come back for more! 5 stars!!!

  31. Ryguy135 (verified owner)

    There’s a reason this one has such great reviews. I agree with most of them and the only thing I can add is this is a must try strain!!

  32. Tickles (verified owner)

    The best all around bud available from these guys! Absolutely beautiful looking, smelling & tasting!

  33. coley1230 (verified owner)

    Potent dank kush is all I can say. Little harsh on the lungs but not because of the smoke its more due to the potency of this beastly kush. It’s even a little tough to rip big vape hits.

  34. Jjcinco13 (verified owner)


  35. anothermanoutoftime (verified owner)

    Classic kush in every way! Very strong, even for an experienced smoker. This will put you down like you’re Old Yeller.

  36. jhutch (verified owner)

    first purchase went swell. nice nugs, burns white and clean high.

  37. MadDoctah (verified owner)

    This is the most potent stuff I’ve had from cannabismo. Super nice sticky smelly buds. One of the most purple buds I’ve ever had. The taste is a strong earthy kush that is not too spicy. I will recommend this for night time use as it left me pretty much useless.


  38. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Some dank stuff! Awesome, luv you guys,cheers from the east coast!

  39. esf1 (verified owner)

    Definitely your traditional indica smell and flavour going on with this one. It has a dry middle eastern smell and flovour. The taste reminds me of some hash or something like that. Nice burn, smokes smooth. Not my favourite but still excellent.

  40. rz5114 (verified owner)

    wow this is REALLY strong guys… super knocker… no wonder it won the indica cup lol! 5* indica
    if you love indicas, this is a must try

  41. Cornholio (verified owner)

    I only picked up a 1g of this stuff and after the first bowl i instantly regretted that. Nice strong smelly indica that kicks you in the face when you stick your nose in the bag. Good for a netflix binge

  42. vanhooten (verified owner)

    I liked everything about this plant, that is all.

  43. Lila (verified owner)

    Perfect for me I smoke indica all day and they made me function all day great strain…, it’s something I have bought many times

  44. hbrigham (verified owner)

    Definitely a couch lock strain. If your tolerance is not high this will knock you the f*** out.

  45. Mikematch (verified owner)

    Wow. I am so happy with Lindsay. Imagine the taste of pure kush, now multiply that by 100= Lindsay og kush

  46. macdonmd (verified owner)

    Very sticky, substantial buds with a pleasant smell – lived up to my expectations, not overly-strong

  47. Rkymtndbf (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this strain. This is the first place I’ve seen it. Looks and smells great, its got nice dense buds. This batch was spot on smokes great. its pretty sticky stuff but no problem burning. Would like to know to THC level its got some real kick to it. Not the strongest but i don’t think it’s that far behind. This weed is like wine alot going on.

  48. jasonsmith (verified owner)

    Smells Good, Tastes Good, Very Smooth Smoke definitely justifies the price.

  49. Reckless (verified owner)

    Smell (5/5)- So far from all my products I’ve received, the smell has been great.
    Taste (5/5) – Fairly light taste, not very harsh.
    Potency (3/5) – Buzz wasn’t very strong, gives you the munchies however.
    Batch Quality (5/5) – Cured and dried properly.