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KleerX – Disposable Vape Pen

39 reviews

71% THC per 0.5ML Pen
Lab tested

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KleerX – Disposable Vape Pen

*This product contains cannabis and is intended for the use by adults 19 years or older. Keep out of reach of children. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using cannabis.

This device comes with a 30 day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of delivery. Physical damage, water damage or evidence of tampering with the device will void the warranty. This product is not meant for reuse and should be disposed of after use. Please examine the device upon delivery for any defects.

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  • Pull Activated
  • Draw for up to five seconds
  • Inhale and exhale comfortably
  • Approximately 150 seconds of total draw time

For maximum efficiency, wait at least one minute between inhalations to avoid overheating

Reviews (39)


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  1. Dabledoya (verified owner)

    I always seem to kill the battery before the chamber is fully empty 🙁

  2. Poncho (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up

  3. jadeavc (verified owner)

    Great device. Just make sure to read the box so you don’t burn the battery before the juice runs out!

  4. Claudia_3584 (verified owner)


  5. CanMedic1 (verified owner)

    I found the pen delivered a great potency, however the battery died before I had completely used it up. The rechargeable pen is occasionally the same price, so I would purchase that one. I would purchase again.

  6. michael stoskopf (verified owner)

    most potent pen I have tried, but empties fast

  7. Highit’sme (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Orange Cookies. Nice flavour and the effects are good with 2 to 4 inhalations. I used mine up to the last drop with no sign of the battery wearing out.

  8. omdboa (verified owner)

    Battery ran out before complete use…

  9. Therog (verified owner)

    easy to use, super discreet, and a nice, mild buzz. What more could you want? Good for about 50 tokes or so

  10. BestNightMare (verified owner)

    These pens are great for any time of the day. Very easy, and convenient- I love these for daytime use, and going out as they give you that extra jump in your step! If you inhale from the pen until the light at the bottom blinks then you shouldn’t have to worry about the battery running out.

  11. NessaG (verified owner)

    This is the second one I received, and I have yet to be impressed with it. Like a few other reviewers, the battery ran out before the oil did. I still have half – little over 3/4 of the oil left and no battery. I do smoke multiple times a day. I did like the discreetness of the pen, and the high was ok, however I will not be purchasing this item again as I don’t like wasting my money.

  12. Highit’sme (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 3 of these pens now, and they’ve all been good and quite different.
    Gelato – sweet, vanilla ice cream taste, strong but short high, made me cough a lot 3/5
    OG Kush – very smooth, easy on the throat, gentle (mild) and relaxing high 4/5
    Strawnana – nice taste, fairly smooth (can make you cough a bit), excellent effects! 5/5

    I’d like to know which strain would give a strong, indica effect for before bed that would crush insomnia?

  13. ILoveEdibles (verified owner)

    I got the Girl Scout cookies. Didn’t really like the taste, and the high was mild.

  14. Dabledoya (verified owner)

    Super strong terps in these and the high is awesome! I always add 1 or 2 to my order every time. Will not disappoint

  15. Purplykitty (verified owner)

    I bought a pen, and it was faulty . So I contacted them and they sent me a new one!! They are awesome

  16. Amanda Gendron (verified owner)

    great flavour, does the job but is a bit pricey

  17. Joe204 (verified owner)

    Good pen. Clogged a little bit, not as bad as others I’ve tried

  18. neff (verified owner)

    great for on the go, cold weather and the pen don’t mix battery needs to be stronger

  19. LMAC (verified owner)

    Pen was decent, held a pretty strong buzz if you toked on it a couple times. Flavour was decent, but battery life sucked, I toked almost all day every day and the battery ran out before the oil did. So probably $20 worth of oil is still unusable in the pen.

  20. LaCoors (verified owner)

    Great pen work like a charm with a nice high. And discret u can use it anywhere without getting notice.

  21. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Pen is easy to use and the high is ok. Seems to run out of battery before the oil is used up.

  22. jeff (verified owner)

    Bought a few of these now and the biggest complaint I have is the battery only ever lasts long enough to use half the oil. If you don’t mind getting 50% of what you paid for they hit great

  23. ThatJasinBeaverBank (verified owner)

    Good little pen.
    We were primarily using edibles (neither of us are smokers so no bud for us) and wanted to venture into vaporizers. This seemed like a good inexpensive entry point.

    We like it so far and will invest in a Dry Herb Vape next.

    Anyone know why you would buy the rechargeable version of this though? $75 for the rechargeable pen when the refills are the same cost as this disposable makes no sense to me.

    Is there a lot left over when the battery dies?

  24. franny (verified owner)

    how long does the disposable pen usually last and can it be refilled seems like it can be refilled and does the refill cartridge fit this pen? Thanx

  25. Dancole (verified owner)

    Quality of the pen and distillate were great. Just not a fan of the short boring high.

  26. sammy16 (verified owner)

    Quality product. Hits nice and has a good battery life compared to other disposables. Taste was very clean.

  27. Jonathan McParland (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  28. Jeremy-md (verified owner)

    Good vape. Thought the battery would out last the juice. Found if it sat on its side for over night. It got clogged and had to put something small to un clog it.

  29. Rivnic (verified owner)

    Great pen, nice and smooth. Will order again!

  30. Parker1617 (verified owner)

    Great little piece. Very smooth and good for on the go. 2 decent puffs is usually good for me. Only gave it four stars because I’m not sure how long it will last/how many uses I’ll get out of it.

  31. aamcauley (verified owner)

    Nice discrete pen. Good for travel. Pineapple Express hurt my throat every time but orange cookies is awesome! Takes a while to kick-in but hits hard so use with caution 🙂

  32. tcubb (verified owner)

    Great! But please restock the zkittles strain, or other indica!

  33. Brlanca (verified owner)

    Great pen, smooth rip, great taste, only downside is using to much you gain tolerance quickly but if you use it the odd time it’s perfect

  34. canningj (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these pens, one works great and the other was dead on arrival. Didn’t even get one puff from it. Kind of lame considering that’s $50 down the drain, hopefully they can replace it with something that works.

  35. ShyThomp (verified owner)

    Great pen, definitely ordering again.

  36. stellaeliz (verified owner)

    Not a bad little pen, definitely hits you hard. Would order again.

  37. Batcherbiff (verified owner)

    crisp and clean

  38. BestNightMare (verified owner)

    Good vape pen! Will order again.

  39. banks (verified owner)

    Great little pen. So far so good. Hits you hard so use with caution.