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Kingpin – Hemp Wraps

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4 Hemps Wraps per Pack


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Kingpin – Hemp Wraps

4 Hemps Wraps per Pack

The Kingpin Hemp Wraps are perfect for the blunt connoisseur who really wants to taste the flavour profiles of what they’re smoking. Kingpin wraps have a locked, resealable package that traps moisture, making for the perfect blunts. Kingpin Hemp Wraps come in a variety of flavours and feature a pre-folded crease in the perfect location to make rolling as easy as possible! Made from natural toasted hemp, these wraps truly are the king!

Reviews (3)


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  1. johntheo (verified owner)

    Slow burn and nice blueberry flavor! Will definitely buy more the next time they go on sale ! 🙂

  2. StonedOnSati (verified owner)

    Strong taste love it, but id rather smoke a tobbacco blunt
    slow burning and easy to roll and really cheap 4$ for 4

  3. Bruno (verified owner)

    Just got home from a long night of parent teacher interviews. The slow burn of these easy to roll wraps made for a pleasurable relaxation session. Did I mention the flavour? because damn I felt like I was smoking a wine tipped cigar. Maybe it’s the Nuken talking, but I would highly recommend.