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Grade: AAA
nType: Sativa

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nHempstar, now known as “Brainstorm,” was developed by Dutch Passion Seeds as a tribute to all the hempsters and the international hemp movement. This sativa-dominant strain was originally a three-way cross between Skunk, Oasis, and Haze, but Dutch Passion later brought Northern Lights #5 and Haze together to create the modern Brainstorm strain. It has a mild taste and traditional sativa effects.

nFlavours: Earthy, Pepper, Woody
nMedical Use: Depression, Headache, Nausea, Stress, Pain

Reviews (26)


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  1. vanhooten (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan, it’s good but not for me

  2. Arc-enCiel (verified owner)

    Good count but mostly indica. Nice aroma. No real buzz like sativa. Not the best.

  3. Docloves (verified owner)

    A nice relaxing high. It won’t blow you away, but it is very uplifting. I didn’t get any burn out like others have mentioned. The taste is different but isn’t bad, and the smoke is smooth. I’ve had a few bad headaches and this strain has helped take the pain away. I would buy again.

  4. Jjcinco13 (verified owner)

    Good strain .. not my favorite

  5. esf1 (verified owner)

    Hempstar is good!

  6. Ccurrie77 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites

  7. Rinehara (verified owner)

    Good strain. Didn’t make me tired, but very uplifted and relaxed. Made me a little groggy after it wore off though.

  8. ryan_morgan (verified owner)

    Great taste, but hard burn out

  9. Curtisbellbray (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff will definitely buy again taste great,looks great, smells great. Awesome 👍👍👍👍

  10. Rjpyts (verified owner)

    One of the best buds I’ve ever tried. Very Happy and uplifting. Taste is great. This strain can last you awhile because you need very little to get high. Amazing! Highly reccomend !

  11. Tickles (verified owner)

    The best sativa available on Canabismo!! Best daytime smoke! Smell & taste are meh.. but overall – amazing

  12. ShawnP (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff good for morning smoke helps with anxiety and has a great smell

  13. Betsy sloth (verified owner)

    really uplifting. great day time use

  14. CherryOxblood (verified owner)

    great stuff vapes excellent

  15. JoeyGanja (verified owner)

    It Tasted Amazing in my Vape .. can’t wait to order more when its back in stock !!

  16. felxqcx (verified owner)

    Very good for day time. Lovely taste

  17. Akremkrem7 (verified owner)

    Super good stuff and reliable as always.

  18. BudRus (verified owner)

    Burn 9/10
    Smell 9/10
    Taste 9/10
    High 9/10

  19. mellee115 (verified owner)

    This is some hairy tree! Nice high. Great for gaming or getting things done around the house.

  20. ArtistaAKO (verified owner)

    Best hempstar I’ve ever had, awesome sativa dominant strain that wakes you right up!

  21. coley1230 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it is honestly. I got it just to try and it surprised me with a very fruity and hay-like smell combo. The nugs were kind of thing but top notch none the less and I’d be ordering this again without a doubt.

  22. Radshow22 (verified owner)

    Amazing uplifting experience, great for daytime dosing while being on the go.

  23. jhutch (verified owner)

    first purchase went well. hairy orange buds , burns good but 4/5 ive had better from cannabismo!

  24. Jonahmc (verified owner)

    this bud is very fresh and did not disappoint it has a great taste and smell without being overwhelming. it allowed me to remain alert and aware without have a burnout effect its a great midday till evening high and removes tension and pain.

    i would recommend this to anyone who is a active person without discomfort or someone who needs to study/focus for extend periods of time

  25. shrez420 (verified owner)

    I smoked some hempstar earlier before ordering from here, and it wasn’t even close to the quality strain that is available here. One of the best hempstars’ I have ever had. I ordered a single gram and cannabismo did not disappoint me, one hairy bud!

  26. MadDoctah (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff, smooth uplifting high. Nice buds full of orange hairs just like the picture. Once again Cannabismo does not disappoint.