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Green Gold – Shatter Pack

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4 assorted grams of Green Gold shatter

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Green Gold – Shatter Pack

Green Gold Shatter produces premium concentrates that are pharmaceutical-grade and lab-tested from their hometown of Vancouver, BC.

Available strains:

– Blueberry
– Bubba Kush
– Juicy Fruit
– Pink Kush
– Purple Kush
– Rainbow
– Rockstar
– Tangerine Dream
– Ultra Master
– White Rhino

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There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Dab using a dab rig
– Dab using a vaporizer/dab pen

Reviews (2)


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  1. KattK (verified owner)

    Good assortment….nice way to try some different types of shatter. Mostly added to joints, the tangerine had a good citrusy taste, and same with the rainbow…had a fruity flavour. Decent goods for the price.

  2. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)

    Good shatter for the price. The plastic containers the shatter comes in were iffy at first,but I realized it kept the tiny shatter dust inside the container so im ok with it. Got the blueberry,rockstar,ultra master,and bubba kush. All were smooth on the lungs and got me baked even with a decent tolerance.

    This is a pack with random choosings,if you like that get it but otherwise I would just recommend picking out the shatter strains you like since it will end up being the same price after the discount for buying 4.