Dutch Hawaiian

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Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

THC: 20-25%

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Dutch Hawaiian

Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa dominant strain created by a cross between Hawaiian and Dutch Treat.  These beautiful stinky buds offer an earthy citrus smell that carries into the flavor of the smoke extremely well.  Dutch Hawaiian has a flavor much like its parents, with a taste of tropical fruit accented by earthy pine and a slight pungency upon exhale.  The high is just as sweet as it tastes, with well balanced effects that won’t cause sedation.


Flavours:  Citrus, Tropical, Earth, Pine, Pungent

Effects:  Happy, Energetic, Focused, Creative, Euphoric

Reviews (3)


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  1. jayree (verified owner)

    Very nice strain, Very good batch. Dank stuf for sure. Longer lasting effects for a Sativa, stronger ones too. Very creative and uplifted for me. Happy feeling as well.

  2. LindseyM (verified owner)

    New fav! I describe this high as nothing short of ‘floaty’
    I’m able to keep my thoughts clear as day, focused and productive and feel so blissfully relaxed!
    Definitely my new go-to! Love love love!

  3. Fuaral (verified owner)

    Wanted to try this strain but put it off for a bit because of strains that interested me more. However having now tried it I am very glad I decided to get this one. This is one of the most enjoyable weeds I’ve had in a very long time. Really hard hitting but really makes you feel good. It smells rather pleasant and very in your face. You definitely know you’ve smelled it. Taste is incredible and was grown masterfully. Flushed dried and cured perfectly. Couldn’t recommend enough.