CBD Rene by House of the Great Gardener

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Grade: AAA
nType: Hybrid
n1 gram for $11
n3.5 grams for $33
n7 grams for $65
n14 gram for $120
n28 grams for $240

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CBD Rene


CBD René is an award winning combination of flavor and high CBD. René’s legendary berry smell, licorice flavour and perfect popcorn buds shine through, while the Cannatonic in her delivers potent CBD at 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. To top it off, she produces quality, full-melt resin. House of the Great Gardener’s first CBD rich strain and they’re proud of her.

nFlavours: Earthy, citrus, pine
nMedical Use: Stress, pain, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite

Reviews (11)


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  1. markymark (verified owner)

    Does what its supposed to do, puts a damper on back pain. Cannabismo needs to stock a better selection of highest CBD strains for medical use!
    Slight subtle body buzz I like this strain.

  2. MaximoLegrand (verified owner)

    Never had CBD before. I thought i would be stoned out of my mind but no. It was a full body feeling. I felt very relaxed and smooth but i was not super high. I ended up mixing this strain with some heavy indica for total effects before going to sleep.

  3. Adelle (verified owner)

    No high at all with this strain
    Very disappointed

  4. Bambinamtl (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering! 10/10 on my re order list forsure

  5. Nikki (verified owner)

    A great strain for medical users looking for a high CBD content. Eases my anxiety, muscle spasms, and chronic pain issues beautifully. Also lovely to mix with a sativa for daytime so I can smoke sativa without experiencing the anxiety with it. Nice to use to make top shelf high THC strains last a bit longer for those medical users as well. Has that cherry medicine taste so prevalent in high CBD strains, and a nice clean burn.

  6. Louis_gab (verified owner)

    Perfect strain for my back pain and stay alert during my day. The best medication I fund yet.

  7. Siduxx (verified owner)

    II was worried about JoeyGanja’s review but its not that bad!
    Its not the best that i bought but it does the job

    Thx Cannabismo !

  8. DonG (verified owner)

    Was impressed cause I never really heard of it before, Even was a bit spectacle about ordering but was well worth every buck. High was there and lasted like an hours time. Good Stuff for a average smoker.

  9. mrsmacneil (verified owner)

    This is the kind of stuff where you need to be looking for this type of high, it’s not strong, you barely can feel it. However, really great for someone looking to eliminate some pain or something without the head effects of weed. I’m giving it a 3 because it doesn’t do what I was hoping (I was hoping because of the CBC it would be closer to a Harlequin) but it’s not. As a side note… If you don’t smoke your joints with tobacco, don’t even bother with this. It barely burns straight.

  10. JoeyGanja (verified owner)

    After Buying almost 2000$ of weed from Cannabismo i can say without a doubt that this was the worst i EVER bought .. yes sure its Functionnal High lol because it doesnt do anything i smoked my 3.5 g in 2 days instead of 7 ,, NO WAY this worth 35$ and NO its not AAAA stuff .. this is what i think about it .. if you are a season veteran smoker dont buy this shit and what a stupid ass name too CBD Rene God damn was i so stupid !! .. ill be buying my weed elsewhere from now On .. I felt i was Robbed Plain and Simple !!

    • dblast (verified owner)

      CBD isn’t psychoactive. CBD is not for you, plain and simple. This is the only cbd flower on the menu, do your homework kid and learn about what you consume. No this is not a robbery, you paid for it. And If 35$ bucks is an issue………… lol (:

      • JoeyGanja (verified owner)

        Haha they change the fucking description dammit because they knew they were going to get stuck with it …

        It is known among high CBD strains and boasts an impressive 16:1 ratio of CBD to THC. For people wanting a high CBD content while still getting some THC this is the right plant for you.
        that line was not there when i bought this product … You Sneaky Cannabismo

        the product is just lame that’s it .. and you mister do your homework kid learn about what you consume .. get lost dblast and go buy an Ounce of CBD Rene Award Winning Strain !!

        I havent bought s a single thing from this Website since Then Plenty of Other MOM around

        Have a good day !!

  11. dblast (verified owner)

    Pretty nice overall! functionnal high with good medical values. sweet berry smell too, but not my fav cannatonic cross ! 😉