Cannacure – Shatter

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Contains: 1 Gram
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Cannacure – Shatter

Our shatter starts out as flower, that are raised in a organic facility to ensure high quality at every step of the production process. Once full grown and properly aged we begin the process of refining the flower into shatter. Resulting in a flavourful and stable at room temperature product.

Cannabis is only as good as the time you invest in curing it. You can have amazing quality flower but if you don’t put the love and attention to detail that is needed in the curing process you will have a mediocre product at best. Cannacure was created through our passion for great cannabis, for great people.

Contains: 1 Gram

There are a few ways in which one can consume this product:

– Dab using a dab rig
– Dab using a vaporizer/dab pen

Reviews (14)


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  1. Kingkakarot88 (verified owner)

    I had the Burmese Kush. Not the best consistency, but good high nonetheless.

  2. SlickVapeGod (verified owner)

    The quality with this brand has really gone downhill, Ordered 2g for the first time in a year and it went from being really good shatter to brown stains on Walmart branded parchment. If only there were returns lol.

  3. Waze (verified owner)

    I had the emerald OG and it had a good taste and high

  4. Cody Dontigny (verified owner)

    Honestly I’ve had better…shatter was more like budder in consistency no snap at all

  5. lauren.fankhauser (verified owner)

    Great shatter, that gives you a great high for a great price. The emerald OG is a great indica strain that relaxes you with a good couch buzz and tastes great. Will order again for sure.

  6. MadT (verified owner)

    Nice! Satorie!!

  7. Bree (verified owner)

    This is a good shatter and a nice price! Tried purple og and was happy. Will. Definately order again.

  8. nichemark (verified owner)

    Went with the Emerald OG this time around.

    Very nice Indica shatter, earthy/sweet taste with a powerful aroma. Recommended to the midday indica lover.

  9. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Tuna kush was great. very smooth. can’t go wrong with this price.

  10. MadT (verified owner)

    Very niceand smooth!!

  11. MadT (verified owner)

    $he best morning booster I had!Smoth with a nice nutty note!

  12. nichemark (verified owner)

    Always my go to for shatter. Cannacure is where it’s at. I got the Tuna Kush and the Cactus Candy; both incredible strains with great flavours and highs.

    Tuna Kush – nice and spicy, heavy hitting indica – I can taste the Tuna in the nectar collector – amazing flavour. this one puts you down for the count, so good.
    Cactus Candy – indica dominant hybrid, with a sweet and woody/piney feel – sweet cacti, really. Nice for going about your day, nice and relaxed feel.

  13. Patty94 (verified owner)

    not too bad, fairly smooth, decent strength, little more gooey than i prefer

  14. Ryan45 (verified owner)

    Very nice product for the price! I tried the Stardawg and the Death Bubba and both were quite enjoyable.. would def order again!