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200mg of THC

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Buddha Buddah

Contains: 200mg THC per jar.

Buddha Buddah is a specially formulated, 100% fair trade organic, THC infused topical body cream.

  • All ingredients certified organic and fair trade
  • No artificial colours, additives or preservatives
  • GMO free

A uniquely formulated topical body cream designed to increase the skin’s ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture to alleviate muscle pain. With the use of our 100% organic signature blend, Buddha Buddah relieves discomfort associated with inflammation, chronic muscle pain, arthritis and bruising; the cream can also be applied externally for further ailments such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, essential oils, THC distillate

Reviews (9)


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  1. fidooda (verified owner)

    sent bon soulage a lappliquation

  2. Patty94 (verified owner)

    works well for me when it comes to relieving aches and pains

  3. JustaJ (verified owner)

    Love the smell. Only time will tell tell if it’s helping. Certainly can’t hurt though.

  4. everythingred (verified owner)

    Mother-in-law has arthritis in her toes. I told her to give this a shot before she goes to bed and she woke up being able to bend her toes and something so small made her so happy. Great stuff. A little small but that’s ok.

  5. tpkw (verified owner)

    Love this cream, definitely recommend. 2 day shipping on point as usual! Thanks Cannabismo

  6. vanhooten (verified owner)

    Smells nice and helps with troubled skin, love this stuff.

  7. 705vacpurge (verified owner)

    Love the packaging and smell and works wonders on aches and pains

  8. floatingegg (verified owner)

    I’m currently using this product for various aches and pains. Like any topical, you gotta wonder if the “effect” is just placebo. Regardless, I like the smell and feel of the cream, so I’m going to keep using it and see what happens. Can’t hurt, right?

  9. everythingred (verified owner)

    Holy moly guacamole did the shipping get here ridiculously fast. It was also amazingly packed! First time doing this so I’m really happy. Opened up the product and it smells great. Also got some free goodies! Very happy!