Boveda Humidor – 4 g

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Boveda Humidor



  • Boveda monitors ambient humidity and adds or removes moisture to maintain the RH engineered into the pack to an accuracy of +/- 1% with zero activation or maintenance needed.
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  • Boveda provides a perfectly stable environment for the storage of your herbal medicine. It’s time to replace the Boveda when there is very little softness left in the pack.
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Reviews (19)


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  1. Luv420Girl (verified owner)

    Work great to keep your flowers from drying out

  2. MichisGolden84 (verified owner)

    these work great love them!

  3. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Works amazing. If it dries out you can use a trick.. Wrap it in a damp paper towel and in a plastic bag for 1 day. Then take it out and let the outside dry a bit.

    You can only do this a few times but extends it a bit.

  4. MadT (verified owner)

    Nothing to said!Just nice!

  5. MadT (verified owner)

    Is just perfect, nothing to add!!!

  6. gingerseed (verified owner)

    Throw one in your bag and you’ll get the perfect, fluffy stash you love. Kept my bud perfectly fresh!

  7. Cweise (verified owner)

    Perfect! Keeps flower literally perfect – long or short term!

  8. kaykay22 (verified owner)

    Awesome!! Keeps my goods nice and fresh for sure thank you.

  9. Patmaster (verified owner)

    It maintains my weed fresh and perfect. Long term or not… I need it in every container.

  10. UkeeGem (verified owner)

    These are handy and do the job, Definitely as advertised

  11. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    If your storing for long term or not…. SO WORTH IT!!

  12. UkeeGem (verified owner)

    Very reliable, awesome product

  13. klew94 (verified owner)


  14. MadT (verified owner)

    Like I buy again and again! Ver usefull, even for my sift!

  15. klew94 (verified owner)

    Great product

  16. Scanman (verified owner)

    These work like a charm, and are well worth the price.
    It can even resurrect some older, drying buds back to spongy goodness. (4g packet hydrated a half ounce in about 24 hours in my experience)

  17. MadT (verified owner)

    Very nice product!!! Buy it guy’s with no question!!

  18. Jacqueline67 (verified owner)

    I have grabbed these a few times now and I highly recommend it, especially if you are buying an ounce of flower. I drop these into the bag and it prevents it from drying out without making it soggy. Keeps it fresh, well worth the few bucks. A must.

  19. Fabiolano (verified owner)

    people are sleeping on these, these will maintain some fresh bud or straightup bring some super dry dense old buds back to spongey goodness. Picked up an eighth of coma kush with one of these , got it rock hard, tossed the boveda in and the next morning had a nice fresh stanky nug. Will always toss a few on my orders