Baked Edibles – Sunshower Gummies

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150MG CBD – 10MG CBD per Gummy
*May contain peanut or other nut products
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Baked Edibles – Sunshower Gummies

150MG CBD – 10MG CBD per Gummy

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, gelatin, sorbitol, citric acid, natural flavour, artificial flavour, food colouring, cannabis extract, grapeseed oil, vegetable oil, vegetable wax.

*May contain peanut or other nut products

Reviews (12)


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  1. Kingkakarot88 (verified owner)

    Great treat but not strong enough for me. They go great with various other snacks

  2. DorelleC (verified owner)

    We really like these. 10mg is a nice mellow and relaxed high. The taste is good too:)

  3. Salsify22 (verified owner)

    Excellent as a natural sleep aid, relaxing and takes the edge off my chronic pain. Tasty, too!

  4. CrazyDaisy328645 (verified owner)

    They taste great and are JUST potent enough to help me sleep well! I love the assortment of flavours!!

  5. MadT (verified owner)

    Nice taste!!Nice for the price!!!The cbd help me with my arthritis!!

  6. MadT (verified owner)

    Nice taste!!Nice for the price!!!

  7. Oscar (verified owner)

    The taste is great it is just like eating a candy. We are new to this so we are trying things. At this point those gumies does not give us the pain numnest that we are hoping to get, we took half of one at first then the other day we took a whole one did not feel anything, so we will up it up to one + one half and so on till we feel what we are looking for. Foot note maybe we need to buy a stronger gummie. PS.: Client service is real great they answer your questions as soon as they can.

  8. haley (verified owner)

    pretty good taste, and packaging makes it easy to being along with me. i like the variety of flavors.

  9. Ronan (verified owner)

    Although it usually takes 3 of the 10 mg gummies to have a decent effect, the result is a pleasantly relaxing evening. We are both pleased with the quality of these edibles, with only a bit of medicinal taste. I will certainly add them to future orders.

  10. ktm150 (verified owner)

    Bought two packages of the stronger gummies.
    Maybe it is me but I needed 4 of these to feel anything at all. Was hoping for better than this.
    They do taste good, but from experience usually the edibles that work will have some taste of the marijuana. These do not, perhaps that is why they are so weak.

  11. Melissa1234 (verified owner)

    This product is great! I’d suggest starting with half a gummy as they are quite strong. The high last about 3 hours before starting to fade. Great value for the price.

  12. Bretoner72 (verified owner)

    Had the dbl strength and they’re awesome