Everything You Need to Know About Buying Weed Online in Quebec

(Acheter Cannabis En Ligne au Quebec)

The province of Quebec has been heavily criticized for its legalization plan. Canadian marijuana activists pointed out that the region has introduced the most conservative and restrictive marijuana regulation plan in the whole country. Well, it’s true that the Quebec government will not likely follow other provinces in terms of its future lawsuits, and to be honest, Quebec is currently not the most sought after location for weed aficionados.



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When you take a look at some of the “clever” ideas on regulating cannabis in Quebec, you will find that the government wants to ban home cultivation, not to mention that it stays utterly silent on the kind of products that dispensaries will be allowed to carry. This, in turns, leaves many people to speculate that the selection of marijuana goods in the province will be poor, to say the least.

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But hey, don’t panic! If you live in Quebec and you love the province despite its not-so-forward-thinking attitude towards marijuana, you can always buy your green goodies through marijuana mail order delivery.


Sounds like a plan? Read on and learn why you should buy your weed in an online marijuana dispensary.

Online Marijuana Dispensaries in Quebec

Like we said, even though marijuana is legal in Canada, it doesn’t mean that certain provinces’ governments won’t throw their temper tantrum at the law they consider negative. As such, we shouldn’t expect Quebec to give free reigns to dispensaries in terms of choosing their supplies.


Nonetheless, residents of Quebec can still enjoy a variety of cannabis goods; better yet, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is visit an online dispensary and order your weed from any province in Canada.


Mail order marijuana delivery has been popular in the country for a very long time, but now that the government legalized cannabis nationwide, you can witness a true abundance of marijuana goods sold virtually in one place.


When choosing your online weed supplier, you need to find a trustworthy online marijuana dispensary, preferably one with a long record industry.


Well, here we are – welcome to Cannabismo!

Why You Should Buy Weed Online From Cannabismo?

Cannabismo is a long-time online marijuana dispensary that offers mail order weed delivery services across Canada.


We sell premium-quality goods which we source from Canadian manufacturers. Our products are made from cannabis plants that have been carefully cultivated with the use of sustainable technologies to ensure the highest quality of the final product.


Top-Notch Cannabis Products at Affordable Prices

Speaking of which, we’re not just another online marijuana dispensary. Having been in the cannabis business for the past 15 years, we have collected a remarkably wide selection of cannabis-infused goods. Gone are the times when your choice was limited to a couple of simple strains in a medical dispensary.


At Cannabismo, the word “freedom of choice” gains a completely new meaning. Our mail order marijuana delivery includes the following products:


  • Dry flowers
  • Oils
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Topicals
  • Tinctures
  • Cannabis products for Women
  • THC:CBD extracts
  • Hemp-derived CBD goods

It Takes Just a Couple of Clicks to Place Your Order

Our number one priority is to ensure that the whole purchasing process is as easy and simple as possible. Once you sign up to Cannabismo, our staff will send you a quick approval if you send us a proof of age 19+. We are happy to live in times when recreational cannabis becomes more available to customers, but we’ve always perceived marijuana as a medicine that happens to get you high – not the other way round. With that said, all medical marijuana patients earn 200 points upon registration.

We Guarantee Safe And Discreet Delivery

How many times have you thought that you’ve just made the deal of your life, and the reality check was not so optimistic because your marijuana mail order supplier failed to deliver the promised standards?


It’s not going to happen with Cannabismo. We always strive to meet our customers’ expectations and we look at our relationship from more than just a business perspective. We will send your package with care, guaranteed shipping (free at $200) and fast turnaround time (1-3 business days) via Xpresspost Delivery.

What to do in Quebec After You Get Weed?

Quebec may not be the most cannabis-friendly province, but it has hands down some of the most mesmerizing views Canada has to offer. If you like to spend time surrounded by towering fortresses and lavish castles, you will be more than satisfied after unwrapping your freshly delivered marijuana. Can you imagine anything better than lighting up in a good company and exploring the undeniable beauty of the magnificent Old Quebec?


If, on the other hand, you want to unite with foodies and history enthusiasts, the Old Quebec Food Tour is the place to go. While you take a stroll along the cobblestone streets, you will be tempted by diverse restaurants that serve authentic cuisines from different parts of the world.


No stoner journey will be complete without visiting some of the Quebec’s most alluring outdoor ephemeral spaces created by artists and architects. It’s a fun place for everyone, including families, but if you’re an art-driven soul, you’re going to feel like home there. Our top choices include La Cour Arriere du Festibiere, SPOT, and Marina St-Roch.

Discover New Options With Marijuana Mail Order Delivery

Two things are certain. First, weed is legal in Canada (we couldn’t be happier about that). Second, you might have troubles getting more than just oils or flowers from your future Quebec dispensaries. If you really want to enjoy in the diversity of cannabis-infused products, we suggest that you start using marijuana mail order. It’s a fast, safe, and convenient way to purchase premium-quality goods at affordable prices, regardless of where you live in Canada.


As a leader in the Canadian cannabis industry, we will be happy to convince you that buying weed online is currently your best option in Quebec. Join us and revel in the wealth of marijuana products without even leaving your house.