Buy Live Resin Canada

Buy Live Resin

Buy Live resin in Canada, it is ideal for users who need cannabis for pain relief or any other symptom control.
Like other concentrates, live resin can also be made from flashed frozen cannabis flowers.
Live resin cannabis is not only made from the cannabis plant but also
at the peak of harvest. These buds are flash frozen, offering customers a fresher and more unique taste compared to any
concentrate today!

Live Resin

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What is Live Resin?

This is unique because it contains many beneficial components found in the cannabis plant. Live resin represents one type of cannabis concentrate that is used for dabbing. But it’s different from all the other ways. That is primarily because the plants earmarked for making live resin are freshly harvested and immediately frozen. Unlike other concentrates made from dried and cured cannabis, live resin is produced from a fresh, frozen cannabis flower. Other dab recipes require extractions of dried cannabis strains. So since the plants are ‘live’, so is the resin. Other than that, the process of making live resin concentrate is similar to other butane hash oil extractions. Live resin can be used in dabs, and our selection of live resin products can be found under “Concentrates” in our shop.

Live Resin Canada

It's like the fresh-squeezed juice of the whole cannabis plant, it contains large amounts of THC, it also contains many beneficial compounds found in the plant. Live resin contains cannabinoids in a form and ratio closest to those of the raw cannabis flower. Live resin is ideal for pain relief and anxiety. In Canada, the live resin market has flourished. Buy live resin online, you can find the best selection of products in our Cannabismo shop, under “Concentrates”.

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