Yocan Starter Pack

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Pack Includes:
1 x Yocan – Magneto (Assorted Colours)
1g Jungle Ridge Shatter (GOD BUD)

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Yocan Starter Pack

The game-changing Yocan Magneto paired with one Jungle Ridge Shatter. Perfect for someone entering the world of concentrates and with the convenience of portability and discreetness!

Pack Includes:
1 x Yocan – Magneto (Assorted Colours)
1g Jungle Ridge Shatter (GOD BUD)

Reviews (6)


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  1. spag007 (verified owner)

    Followed the instructions, the dabbing tool doesn’t seem to work properly. My coil can make the whole pen hot enough that it is untouchable while still not heating the shatter enough for it to vaporize effectively (it has worked on 2 occasions out of at least 10 tries). I’ve tried putting shatter in many different places and in many different positions to no avail. Plus, you have to clean the pen after every use since the molten shatter can infiltrate the coil and ruin it. Not very convenient in this sense.

  2. gstpc (verified owner)

    love it

  3. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    The Magneto is awesome! love the dabber, makes this so easy for on the go.. have all my shatter in one hit balls in the handy convenient container at the bottom of pen.. clean up is easy, if you don’t let it build up.. Buying one for my wife 🙂

  4. misteresscoupe (verified owner)

    Love the Magneto!! Yocan a must for quick dabs on the fly try the ceramic donuts!!!

  5. erin.portelance (verified owner)

    Great pen so far! Great shatter!

  6. vanhooten (verified owner)

    Not a bad pen, the shatter was nice.