Medicated Gummies

49 reviews

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40MG CBD or 25-80MG THC
*May contain peanut or other nut products
Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving.

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Medicated Gummies

40MG CBD or 25-80MG THC

*May contain peanut or other nut products

Reviews (49)


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  1. MrFiji1988 (verified owner)

    Good flavours, not to long lasting for me.

    – keep up the great work guys

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    My girlfriend enjoys them

  3. TD (verified owner)

    Potent lil worms. We take it with the cubes and ride a good buzz for hours! Sour tastes the best!

  4. 420buddy101 (verified owner)

    Taste is good, the buzz is good, simple and effective at a good price.

  5. H421 (verified owner)

    Tasty, but not much, if any buzz. Although, it could just be me, or that I have a higher tolerance.

  6. Kingkakarot88 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite gummies!

  7. Jericavalerie (verified owner)

    Very good taste and quick action

  8. DelaDeero (verified owner)

    great price and taste

  9. Weinerannawayz (verified owner)


  10. Thaforce (verified owner)

    Great value, good high. Prefer the cubes over these but still worth a purchase.

  11. Thaforce (verified owner)

    Great value with these and a good high

  12. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    1 worm and your golden. I prefer the sour ones less gummy and taste sooo YUMMY.

  13. Laura2275 (verified owner)

    Love these gummies. Just the right dose to keep the pain at bay.

  14. danielshannon (verified owner)


  15. Kingkakarot88 (verified owner)

    Love these little guys. Forst got them in my 1st Halloweed Pack. More in my 2nd Pack. Now, they’re super neccessary in every order.

  16. Bradley Emms (verified owner)

    Delicious and good bang for your buck! Would be 5 stars if thc/cbd was more clearly labeled

  17. DelaDeero (verified owner)

    First got these from the halloweed pack but I liked them so much I had to get more.

  18. Dalundy (verified owner)

    1 thc worm had me feeling pretty good, 2 almost knocked me out. Best edibles I’ve had in a while

  19. ILoveEdibles (verified owner)

    Sour gummies are the best !!

  20. ILoveEdibles (verified owner)

    Love the worms!! 2 for a mild high and 4 more experienced users.

  21. BB86 (verified owner)


  22. ArcticErin (verified owner)

    Ah, the worms of indifference. The CBD worms make it all go away.
    The THC ones aren’t half bad either.

  23. Boris1549 (verified owner)

    Très bien pour le prix j’adore!!!!

  24. mikaeyu (verified owner)

    Got the gummy worms, flavor was decent and the high was pretty good. Felt very relaxed afterwards and I had an amazing sleep. For 5$, it’s pretty damn good.

  25. Laura2275 (verified owner)

    These gummy worms are my absolute favourite. They work well usually just one keeps pain in control. Love these !!

  26. andiejs (verified owner)

    I tried the CBD worms. Subjectively, they feel like THC in them as well, and the THC dosage isn’t specified. If you can tolerate THC with your CBD and don’t mind experimenting for the dose, the go for it. I’d much prefer to know what I’m getting…

  27. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Kind of a no brainer at $5 taste great with a ok buzz

  28. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    For $5 these are a must add-on for every order! Sour worms are the best!

  29. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    Great product for a great price! Decent Buzz good flavor

  30. Marc360 (verified owner)

    Pretty good flavor, nice strength for the price!

  31. kaykay22 (verified owner)

    Pretty good flavor and high 🙂

  32. 19kelly73 (verified owner)

    Love these! Great price, great taste. Nice day time buzz

  33. OhSnap321 (verified owner)

    Love the sour bears, you can’t beat the price and the flavour is nice.

  34. Amber Kress (verified owner)

    Got both the sour bears and the CBD worms. They both tasted great, the bears aren’t very strong, the CBD worms only gave a slight buzz and still relaxed me.

  35. waltersxo (verified owner)

    The gummy worms are great!! I eat about 2-3 and I have the best sleep.

  36. jensy (verified owner)

    High Folks
    I ordered the sour bears. They were effective in calming my anxiety and made me forget that I am depressed. lol. I experimented at first with one bear , then the next time I tried two. You know they are working when you catch yourself dancing while doing dishes. So, two bears is perfect for me. That’s 50 mg , total. and note that I am a seasoned user of THC. ( for the newbies to start slow ) . The only area I could see that needs improvement is in the package label . When you get your 4 bears in one package labelled 25mg THC and nothing else, and other packages you may have are label 300mg total , I can see how it would get confusing . Is that 25mg per bear or per package ? . I write on those packages that aren’t clear so there is no mistake later. Each bear is 25mgTHC and each package of bears is 100mgTHC total. Also , because they look like candy to kids , I bought a small lock-box to store them in. perfect. Service has been great too. Keep on keepin on.

  37. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Deadly value! Well made edibles. 5/5

  38. meh1313 (verified owner)

    Gummies were okay. Flavour was good. Body buzz was good. Only thing was I’m used to hard candy edibles. Sucking on a gummy gave it a weird texture.

  39. Kellymike84 (verified owner)

    Great value for the cost and decent taste.

    And they definitely get you high.

  40. PineappleBoy420 (verified owner)

    A frequent buy for myself! Definitely one of my favourites, great taste and lasting high.

  41. haley (verified owner)

    These have been my fav so far! Great taste and good high. Purchasing again right now.

  42. Dotter (verified owner)

    will buy again,, get a nice buzz from them,

  43. Dchez94 (verified owner)

    Happy. Buying again next week for sure

  44. Mindym (verified owner)

    Wow, great deal for a solid high! I tried the gummy worms, they were excellent, consistent. Will buy again!
    Only tip would be is that I’d like to see better packaging so I feel sale purchasing them.

  45. gstpc (verified owner)


  46. AS (verified owner)

    I prefer the gummy worms to the bears, but they’re all good. And it’s a good, solid high too.

  47. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Tastes great! for the price can’t complain. Usually 2 or 3 do the trick. Need to bring my tolerance down. Maybe then 1 will go further.

  48. Ryan (verified owner)

    Good gummies, got the sour bears and they were tasty. Nice taste and good high. Get the edibles for my girlfriend and she enjoys them.

    Taste: 5/5
    High: 4/5

  49. PineappleBoy420 (verified owner)

    The sour bears are amazing! One bear has me on the sofa, relaxed and happy. Not to mention they taste great as well.