Jungle Ridge – Pre-Rolls

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1G per Pre-Roll
nConvenient and easy, Jungle Ridge’s Pre Rolls are perfect for those who don’t have time to roll!

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Jungle Ridge – Pre-Rolls

n1G per Pre-Roll
nConvenient and easy, Jungle Ridge’s Pre Rolls are perfect for those who don’t have time to roll or simply just don’t know how to!

Reviews (16)


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  1. danielshannon (verified owner)

    Found it was to fine like sawdust really dry

  2. Misskay112 (verified owner)

    Always get these as a freebie when we order the Cannabismo Pre rolls and we do not like them. Very dry and tastes gross. We will stick with the Cannabismo brand … so instead of the free Jungle Roll .. how about another Cannabismo roll??!! 🙂

  3. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    Loose & dry AF… cone was half empty cuz it all fell out in shipping. Not worth it imo

  4. Purplykitty (verified owner)

    Crap . Bought as spur of the moment and I was lazy.. never make that mistake again. Didn’t even feel anything and I bought 11….

  5. Dmlg (verified owner)

    A lot of the weed fell out and was in the tube. Not good quality. Didn’t even get a small buzz after smoking. Would give 0 stars if it were an option. Also has a funky taste.

  6. Snowblinded (verified owner)

    Ahhhh… 🙁 I have ordered other pre-rolls that were awesome! These…. not so much. Super dry and loose. A lot fell out into the container, and when you take a hit, you get a mouthful of weed dust. LOL Not fun! Definitely wouldn’t order again.

  7. Smurphy64 (verified owner)

    Was just ok. Pretty loose & dry, I’ve had better shake. won’t order again .

  8. sammy16 (verified owner)

    I got these for a great sale price and I ended up using them as stocking stuffers for family and friends. Perfect for beginners because you don’t get too stoned lol. Also went well with friends and a glass of champagne for New Years! Overall I enjoyed the product for the price and experience – but they did lack in quality.

  9. realix_420 (verified owner)

    **Would have given a 0 star review if possible**
    Not worth it. All 4 arrived seemingly rolled with super dry shake. 1/4 of it had fallen out the filter and was piled up in the bottom of the tube. Tastes like smoking a shoe

  10. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Save your money. Buy the Kleerx brand. These are definately a waste of money. Maybe good for a newbie. But the weed comes out the bottom and barely does the job when smoked. Also I agree with the others the taste is horrid.

  11. Justin Hale (verified owner)

    Honestly would love to give this 0 stars. This is the worst product i have ordered from Cannabismo. Ordered 6 of these with the great “deal” Everyone of the pre rolls had half of the “AAA” shake at the bottom of the tube. The weed and joint itself burned like trim, tasted like stale dirt and had less the desired effects.

    At this point, you could give these away for free, and It would be a hard No.

  12. locokimo (verified owner)

    Judging by the taste and poor effects, I would say these are composed of 10% buds, and 90% leaves… And I’m being generous.

  13. Nicole Pina (verified owner)

    I received a half empty cone. All of the pot had fallen out the filter.

  14. whiteheadlm (verified owner)

    Horrible. Pure shake and no bud. Most of it fell out of the joints during delivery and when I opened them up it was dark green dust.. all 5 that I ordered. Do not waste your money like I just did.

  15. BB86 (verified owner)

    I found the paper would burn a lot faster than we could keep up, possibly rolled too tight?

  16. isaywebyyou (verified owner)

    Bad roll and the pot was not great.