Death Punch

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Grade: AAA
nType: Indica

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Death Punch

nDeath Punch is a cross between Death Bubba and Purple Punch. Death Punch Flavors can be described as pungent pairing reeks of grass and skunk while the smoke is sweet, earthy, and clean on the palate.  Its semi-sedative effects lock the consumer to the couch, unknotting tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease.

nFlavours: Skunk, Pungent, Earthy
nMedical Use: Depression, Stress, Pain, Headache
nSEE ALSO: Death Cookies By Vancity Green

Reviews (13)


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  1. Basil H (verified owner)

    So good will order again 👌

  2. banks (verified owner)

    This bud never treats me wrong. Awesome smell, taste and high. Great work yet again.

  3. Trey93 (verified owner)

    I suffer from severe insomnia and anxiety and Death Punch is by far one of the best I have ever smoked! I sleep regularly when smoking this strain and only ever had to roll pinner joints before bed for it to take effect! 10 out of 10 will buy again!

    Maybe cannabismo could lower the price on this fantastic bud.. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  4. Shawna1986 (verified owner)

    It was okay it wasn’t the best I’ve smoked on here.. kinda was looking for a head hitter for doing cleaning around the house and found this stuff wanted me to go to sleep lol..

  5. Mordor (verified owner)

    Great for pain and before bed to relax.

  6. Tonysniper2 (verified owner)

    Amazing Strain! Loud stuff. You cant go wrong with DeathBubba. Thank you

  7. MonsterGrizzly (verified owner)

    I will reorder

  8. banks (verified owner)

    This stuff will or should set you down on the couch or knock you out completely. I enjoyed the taste, smell and high of this bud. Nice work.

  9. Basil H (verified owner)

    Not bad 👍

  10. Plclaire (verified owner)

    Loved it! Great taste, smell and high. Would purchase again.

  11. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    Another amazing Bubba strain. Absolutely top notch! One of the best Bubba’s yet!

  12. banks (verified owner)

    This stuff is potent, Another one of my favs thats for sure. Heavy stone for night time use or limited functionality. Enjoy

  13. Pob140 (verified owner)

    Good taste n buzz 😎👌