Blue Mataro

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Grade: AAA
nType: Hybrid Indica Dominant

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Blue Mataro

nBlue Mataro by Kannabia Seeds is a rare three-way cross of Black Domina x Mazar I Sharif x Blue Monster. This strain is a stable, high yield producer on top of having flavorful, award-winning genetics. Its strong medicinal effects sedate and relax the consumer, helping to combat insomnia, chronic pain, and restlessness. Blue Mataro won 1st place rosin at the 2016 Lift Expo, Toronto, as well as 1st place medical indica at the 2012 Treating Yourself Expo, Toronto.
nFlavours: Berry, sweet, earthy
nMedical Use: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite

Reviews (36)


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  1. Brick (verified owner)

    Strong indica woth a good taste

  2. Dino_bot (verified owner)

    Good bud, unfortunately I’ve also paid for products which they just didnt send out. They then proceeded to ignore my emails after first contact where I kindly explained what happened. (They forgot to send a gram of shatter) When a customer has paid for a product and you forget to send it with his order, the best practise is to be honest and helpful. Cannabismo was one of the best sites, but stealing my money has changed that. I’ve emailed them half a dozen times and gave them double the time they requested to get back to me. Very unfortunate.

  3. Hemi204 (verified owner)

    Very disappointing….smooth smoke but is lacking any “buzz”
    This is my only negative review up until now.

  4. chillarchibalddoode (verified owner)

    good colourful nugs, earthy aroma, smooth smoke. Good bud!

  5. David92651 (verified owner)

    Great flavour! Enjoyed this strain! Breaks up nice, great smell! Overall a great buzz! Will order again

  6. Brick (verified owner)

    very good bud
    nice smell

  7. christajadefisher (verified owner)

    I LOVE BIG PURPLE BUDS AND I CANNOT LIE…… another favorite found thanks to cb

  8. h0ser (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain. The taste is unique and the smell is amazing. When I vape it it’s like I’m vaping an entire forest. When I smoke it, it burns nice and clean with that same amazing taste i got from vaping. I smoke this at night as a dessert. Worth the money.

  9. esf1 (verified owner)

    really don’t like this one..

  10. BudRus (verified owner)

    Burn 9/10
    Taste 9/10
    Smell 9/10
    High 9/10

  11. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    Beautiful dark dank sticky purple buds.. amazing sweet smell. Smooth taste. Can’t go wrong with these dark buds

  12. DonG (verified owner)

    Good Stuff

  13. Nick Dorazio (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains I’ve tried on this site. Kept me coming back for more with its indescribable taste and smell. Not the biggest nuggets but purple and caked in resin. Burns well in both bong/joint- I recommend to anybody contemplating to get this strain!

  14. Integbra420 (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! This is some good stuff, I would recommend to anyone looking for a real nice smoke. Also showed up a day early which is always nice.

  15. Siduxx (verified owner)

    Nice bud and very darky. It smell pretty good i didn’t smell that before, Great high.
    I recommand It!

    Thx Cannabismo!

  16. LMLK (verified owner)

    Unique taste, really purple buds.

  17. DonG (verified owner)

    Good shit!

    Wasn’t my favourite in my order but was potent enough to get a great level of relaxation and good balance.

  18. Curtisbellbray (verified owner)

    Great stuff, ordered a half oz and it was well worth the buy. Very different strain something I’ve never smelt or tasted and bot smell and taste were unreal very earthy. Thanks cannabismo

  19. JustaJ (verified owner)

    Very nice smell and taste. Buds were a bit small but still gets you plenty high.

  20. Connor314 (verified owner)

    Great looking stuff. I mean honestly, its something you do not see all the time. Its one of a kind. The smell is gorgeous, im not gonna sit here and pretend that it smells like all these different things but its for aure a nice fruity smooth smell.
    Smoking it is SMOOOOOTH i love the smoke.
    the high, is Good. I expected a little more from it. But its for sure a nice chill nighttime high.

    For the price its great. No complaints. Came fast!

  21. OGbowers (verified owner)

    The appearance of the bud is great but he smell and high are not that great 5/10

  22. Sirvickssmasher (verified owner)

    The first thing i noticed about this strain is the dominant Oakley pine smell and coloration. Not amazing by any means but decent high.
    Smell 3/5
    Taste 2/5
    Appearance 3/5
    High 3/5

  23. alessandranicole (verified owner)

    First time I tried blue Mataro I thought I had noodles for legs. Started getting the giggles. One of my all time favourite strains. Good buzz, suitable for any time of day. Love the purple in it.

  24. Dylon260 (verified owner)

    Does have much smell but is very potent 8/10

  25. Jjcinco13 (verified owner)

    Very stron strain .. interesting smell .. high was ok

  26. WalkOnWater420 (verified owner)

    4/5 smell
    5/5 smoke quality
    3/5 taste
    Overall good flower!

  27. jzrose (verified owner)

    Very impressive look to the buds. In the right light there are some deep blue purple hues. Subdued exotic taste. Good quality.

  28. Ryguy135 (verified owner)

    Very different bud that’s for sure. Not my favourite and not their best at this price in my opinion but still pretty good!

  29. DL (verified owner)

    I can honestly say I have never smoked anything like this bud before, it has a very pleasant high with a very interesting smell, taste , and colour.

  30. corylikesweed123 (verified owner)

    Bud taste nice and looked great, had a good colour and a nice high. Would order this again

  31. tyallen95 (verified owner)

    Odd smelling bud but had a great taste and gorgeous buds

  32. Ashleyshall92 (verified owner)

    Very potent strain! Amazing smell and taste

  33. Durhammobile (verified owner)

    Very nice flower, wasnt my favorite in my order of 4 strains but a 8/10 forsure! A very strong flavour, stays on your pallate for a bit. Try it

  34. Geej1230 (verified owner)

    This is some interesting stuff I must say, however it is good. I gave it 4 stars because in my half quarter I got all little nugs and they didn’t look as nice as the pictures. However the smell is musky with a hint of kush to it, taste is unique and it busts up nicely. Little pricey but worth a try if you like to get little amounts of different types

  35. coley1230 (verified owner)

    A dank smell not like the usual kushs though. Sticky dark buds with some purple hidden throughout. Smokes fairly smooth.

  36. Oouchie (verified owner)

    I would give this bud appeal 9/10 very sticky and dark purple buds! A strong Dank smell and a nice high! Second time ordering from these guys and no complaints yet!!