91 Supreme – Caviar

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Grade: AAAA

Contains: 1 Gram

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91 Supreme – Caviar

Grade: AAAA

Just like gas, 91 Supreme is made with only the highest grade of strains from British Columbia and is developed to provide the purest experience for any journey. All products are processed with 99.997% refined N-butane and have been quality assured. 19+

Caviar is a proprietary product of 91 Supremeʼs. We like to see it as full spectrum extracts on steroids. First, 91 Supreme follows the same process as in HTFSE. What makes Caviar different is that the whole time they are purging, 91 Supreme actively captures the terpene vapours through a sophisticated method of subzero terpene trapping. These valuable terpenes are then reintroduced to the already reintroduced terpene mixture breaking down the crystals to the point where they are small balls of caviar.

  • Approx THC 40-60%
  • Approx CBD <1-10%
  • Approx Terpene Content: 20-40ml/Gram

Reviews (2)


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  1. Brittany Harvey (verified owner)

    Damn this stuff is the BOMB DIGGITY!! Lol so smooth and amazing clean high!! Absolutely worth every penny!!

  2. PeterPan (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the Sweet Island Skunk. Opened the jar when it arrived to sweet tropical citrus aromas. Tickles the nose hairs! Upon exhale off my dab rig I had a pleasant sweet after taste. Terp heaven! Perfect for gatherings with friends and social events. Gotta say I felt GREAT!

    Will be buying again!