Home of the Parliament, Senators, and some of the best spots to light up. Ottawa welcomes all weed lovers with open arms. While the province has not always been kind to marijuana, the current legal status of weed in Canada heralds the winds of change. Like anywhere, the majority of us just want the freedom to blaze or get the relief we need from our ailments. Now you easily buy weed online Ottawa…


Every April 20, nearly 10,000 cannabis enthusiasts meet up on Parliament Hill to indulge in the green freedom. Next year, they will be able to do it with their weed purchased right from one of Ottawa’s recreational marijuana stores.

But if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, or you simply can’t imagine staying in a snake-long queue to get premium-quality buds. We encourage you to buy weed online. We know that there are many suppliers offering their marijuana mail order delivery services, and thus, it may be challenging to find the right online store; worry not, fellow tokers,  Cannabismo is here to help you out.

Marijuana Dispensaries In Ottawa: What You Need to Know

A popular opinion about Ottawa is that the people there are both goal-oriented and, at the same time, very laid back; we guess that’s why residents of Ottawa like to smoke weed so much. It’s just the matter of time until Ottawa’s cannabis market explodes and becomes one of the province’s best developed industries.

That being said, you can expect marijuana stores popping up on the streets pretty soon. However, these stores will be run by the government, so it leaves the public authorities much space for slamming their own limitations in regards to cannabis, including its sales.

It goes without saying that before private entrepreneurs will be permitted to establish their own marijuana dispensaries, most people in Ottawa will choose buying weed online over doing so locally.

Here’s where Cannabismo steps into the game.

Why Buy Weed Online via Mail Order Marijuana Service in Ottawa?

Mail order marijuana delivery has been popular for quite some time in Ottawa, but now that weed is legal in Canada, more people than ever will use Internet for their weed shopping. Cannabis products will be no different than clothes, perfumes, or whatever else you typically buy online.

Why is buying weed online so popular in Ottawa? Well, let’s use our case as an example. If you want to buy cannabis online at Cannabismo, all you need to do is sign up and start browsing our collection of cannabis products to end up with more than you actually needed – which will never be enough, to be honest. If you use marijuana for medical reasons, you also receive 200 points upon signing up – as long as, of course, you’re 19+.

That’s not everything, though. After all, what we said works pretty much the same as in stationary dispensaries. Let’s take a look at a couple of extra perks that come with buying weed online.

Top-Notch Quality Cannabis at Affordable Prices

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Having been in the business for over 15 years, we have collected a remarkably wide selection of marijuana strains and weed-infused products. At Cannabismo, you will find everything you look for in an online dispensary.

Our range of cannabis goods includes the following products:

  • Flowers
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals & Tinctures
  • CBD
  • Vaps
  • Weed starter packs
  • Cannabismo for the Ladies

Cannabismo is the leader in marijuana mail orders in Canada. If you need a trusted supplier who will take care of you from more than just a business perspective, search no more – you’ve come to the right place.

A Whole New Level of Convenience

While a visit to a local dispensary might be fun and easy if you live near one, not everyone is lucky enough and sometimes, it can take hours to get to your destination. And once you get there, you still can’t be sure if their weed will meet your standards.

Buying marijuana online is a different story. As mentioned, all you have to do is open your laptop or mobile, type in “Cannabismo.ca” and browse the wealth of our premium cannabis goods. Once your cart is full, you can proceed to checkout and wait until we ship your package. We deliver all orders within 1-3 days.

Safety Guaranteed

We put great emphasis on both data protection standards and delivery safety, so not only is all your information well protected, but you can sleep well knowing that your package is sent with swift and safe delivery you can trust.

Cannabis Dispensary Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

What to Do In Ottawa After You Get Weed?

Charge up your vaporizer and check out the breathtaking views of the Ottawa River or Rideau Canal. Some of the true Ontario golden spots and awesome places to light up. If you’re up for an old-school smoke session like the pro-marijuana protesters were doing when weed was illegal for recreational purposes in Canada, head over to Parliament hill. The lawn near the Parliament building is a perfect place for a picnic with some edibles.

Ottawa is also home to deep culture, so when you get high, be prepared to dive into some Canadian history. A couple of joints or a nicely packed bowl should charge your batteries and stir your imagination so that you’re ready to soak in the knowledge offered by the National Arts Center or the National Gallery. However, if you don’t like big crowds, you may very well enter one of Ottawa’s other national museums.

Buy weed online in Ottawa and enjoy your marijuana mail order delivery with Cannabismo!