Ladies, Check Out These Great Cannabis Products!

Hey There!  We wanted to bring you a selection of products just for you!  Cannabis was never just for the fellas, so here we have brought you some of your favourites! These items are hand picked by the great women of our staff, with care especially for you!

KleerX Vape Pens

KleerX - Recharable Vape Pen

KleerX is beating the competition with their new distillate vape pens! Providing the kick you need from concentrates in a convenient portable device. Sleek and discrete in design, this is your best option when you’re living life!

Twisted Extracts - Jelly Bomb

Twisted Extracts - Jelly Bomb - Watermelon Halley's Comet - 1:1 Sativa

Slowly snack on these colourful, high-potency jellies. Available in many types and flavours for your preference!

Yocan - Evolve Plus XL

Yocan - Evolve Plus XL - Rose Gold

For the girls who hit hard and live life on the go. Yocan changes the game with their collection of vape pens!

FeelCBD Vape Pen

FeelCBD - Disposable CBD Vape - Calm

FeelCBD Vape Pens are great to get your daily dose of CBD easily & discreetly. Available with different essential oil combinations; Calm, Love, Natural, Sleep, Revive & Balance.

Sweet Jane Edibles

Sweet Jane - Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cup

Sweet Jane has brought you a delicious variety of edibles in many flavours, potency and type of treat. Check out their variety of edibles waiting to be consumed. Enjoy!

KleerX - Disposable Distillate Pen

KleerX - Disposable Vape Pen

KleerX has introduced their line of disposable distillate pens! This is an easier alternative to smoking and it packs a punch!

THC Infused Honey

MOTA - Honey THC

Sweeten up your tea or milk, spread it on your toast; CBD & THC Infused Honey.

Olive Oil

Miss Envy - Olive Oil COPY

Get creative in the kitchen and spice up your dish with Cannabis infused olive oil.

CBD Tinctures

MOTA CBD Tincture

Just looking for some relaxation? Bypass the THC with CBD Tinctures.

Arthritis Balm

Cannalife Arthritis Balm 120ml

Aching muscles? Rub on some Arthritis Balm for soothing relief.

Massaging Oils

Cannalife - Massage Oil - Balancing

What hasn’t your partner done for you in awhile? Given you a full body sensual massage with these oils.

Cannabis Salve

Buddha Buddah 1

This premium salve from Miss Envy – Buddha Buddah is great for many topical uses.

Canna Capsules

Canna Capsules 50mg

Add some canna-capsules to your regular vitamins to get your day started right.

Phoenix Tears

Miss Envy - CBD Phoenix Tears

A harmless natural medication for a life of longevity.

Bath Bombs

bath bombs 5

Who doesn’t love the fizzle of a fresh bath bomb in the tub? With additional cannabis treatment for your skin.

Personal Lubricant

Miss Envy Massage Oil

If you or your partner find yourself in need, there is a cannabis lubricant alternative.

Bath Soak & Scrub

Delush - Whipped Soap Scrub

Next time you take a bath, add one of these different flavours of bath soak and scrub.

There you have it, a great selection of cannabis products that will be great for yourself or the women in your life. Are you looking for your next gift? Get your partner on this page to put them in the right direction to get the perfect gift.

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