Cannabismo Compassionate Pricing


Cannabismo now offers Compassionate Pricing.

In order to qualify for this program your account must be manually approved by our team. We require that you send in the necessary documents in order for us to process your approval.

Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for your account to get approved and discounts do not apply to previous orders.

You can also only apply for 1 role.

Qualified ForRequirementsPricing
Military and VeteransOne of the following: a valid Military ID, a retired Military ID, a card.5% discount on total order.
Seniors (60+)Proof of age to qualify, example: Passport, ID Card.5% discount on total order.
Long Term DisabilityEquivalent of a “determination letter” that clearly shows your name and the term of your disability. This varies from province to province so we may require more documentation if needed.5% discount on total order.
Native StatusNative Status Card.No tax applied to orders.

If you qualify for a program and meet the requirements for any of the roles above, please click on the link to the program you match above and send in the documents stated on the page.

Please note once you qualify you may only use 1 shipping address. This is to prevent abuse.

 Violation of these terms will revoke your discount.

Discounts will automatically be deducted at checkout.

Cannabismo is pleased to help you!