Whether you like smoking blunts, partaking in edibles, inhaling sweet smoke from a vape, or taking CBD capsules, Vancouver, B.C. might just be the perfect place for a green minded fellow. Dubbed in jest as “Vansterdam” by the locals, Vancouver B.C. in Canada has quickly become well known for being an up-and-coming Amsterdam of North America for good reason. Not only are their laws spottily enforced, but there are tons of opportunities for bud lovers to enjoy their green and satiate their ever-growing appetites while meeting other likeminded bud buddies.

Where to Get Cannabis?

The stoner movement in Vancouver is strong, so there’s no surprise that there are many ways to acquire your pot. From cafes and lounges to online mail order dispensaries and delivery, you won’t have any problem finding your favorite strain of crystallized chronic.  There are many local pot shops and medical marijuana dispensaries to suit your needs.  The “pot block” in Crosstown is an anthropologically diverse place with rich architecture and quite a few options for getting your reefer.

Walk into the New Amsterdam Café where you can roll your joints and puff along with some new friends. Here you can order food, drinks, and even rent equipment or use your own. If you really want a grab bag of ethnicity, Commercial Drive is the area you might want to visit. The varied cultures on “The Drive” hosts an ample array of scrumptious foods that are perfect for satisfying your munchie cravings, along with a sizeable number of dispensaries.

Online Dispensaries in Vancouver

If you’re too couchy for going out to get your cozy kush but want to make sure you’re amply supplied for your next smoke, you might want to buy weed online. Although control laws are lenient, it is generally not recommended to light up in public and you could get in trouble for carrying marijuana on your person or have it taken away which is something that nobody wants. Unless you’re a medical marijuana user in the area, you might want to lean away from local dispensaries for that reason. There are many options for delivery and mail order in Vancouver.

A quick search for mail order marijuana in Vancouver, British Columbia amasses many options to suit your needs to re-up. With the added safety of not having to go out to get your bud makes a big difference, making it even easier and less stressful for you so that you can have peace of mind and blaze up as much as you want. An online dispensary can do the delivery work for you so you can have more time to venture in and around the city and experience all that it has to offer.

What To Do In Vancouver With Your Buds

Along with its friendliness towards ganja, it has a lot of supportive traits that make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy toking up. With some truly amazing festivals, you can expect to life the high life and have an even better time doing it. With several local favorite hippie hotspots and culturally diverse foods and incredible natural and architectural attractions, Vancouver is an amazing place to experience your high.

If you want to get crossfaded, the annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week or the International Wine Festival would be an amazing experience. If you’re a music fan, there are several music festivals to choose from including the Folk Music Festival and the International Jazz Festival.  Make sure to smoke a fatty before attending the annual Dine Out Vancouver Festival., then maybe a quick bird watch or hang out on the beach.

With tons of nature and hiking trails, you could take a stroll in Stanley Park, renowned for being one of the greatest urban parks in the world. Don’t forget to look out for the giant tree trunk with the profile of a man’s face. You could stare at that for hours!

Or, take a hike in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. With almost 35 miles of both shoreline and forested trails and close to the University of British Columbia, you’ll be sure to meet some compatible companions to have some philosophical chats with.

Get high and take flight in the most literal way with the many floatplanes in Vancouver. In Canada, floatplanes are considered the non-official plane of the country. They are convenient for more than just sightseeing with their incredible versatility. Getting to your favorite nature spot in the mountains while baked could not be more enjoyable.

If you’re like me and you love the water, there are many ways to enjoy this precious commodity. Water sports are an active way of doing that with amazing spots to kayak, paddleboard, scuba dive, windsurf, and even white water raft. A less active way of delight in the water is to participate in some whale watching. This great location has a wide variety of tour operators and marine creatures to behold. After toking up, marvel at the many orca whales, gray whales, harlequin ducks, pacific loons, tufted puffins, and bald eagles. In the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands, salmon migrate in the later Summer months which the Orcas and other wildlife love to feed on.

With so many things to do in Vancouver, it comes with no surprise that it has its own reputation in the weed culture. Many different options for food, festivals, and enjoying nature have made this city one of the best places to be, and with the benefit of mail order mary jane, you can be sure to be able to see and do more of everything this city has to offer.