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The Top 5 Most Common Sativa Strains

The Top 5 Most Common Sativa Strains

Hello, sativa enthusiasts! Today, I’ve prepared the list of the top 5 sativa strains that will take you on the cloud nine. We stock strains like these at Cannabismo. If you’ve ever come across these strains, you won’t ask me why I put them here. If I were to describe them with a song’s title, […]

What Happens When You Eat Weed

What Happens When You Eat Weed

Any stoner who has ever experienced the beauty of smoking weed must have wondered what it would be like to eat weed instead of inhaling it. Would it get me high? If yes, how long would I have to wait for its magical power to kick in? How would I feel after ingesting cannabis? If […]

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System

how long does marijuana high last

Congratulations! You’ve just landed your dream job and you’re about to conquer the market with your superb skills and the passion for your area of expertise. You’ve been ordering from us, and you also think that one joint a day keeps the doctor away. But there’s something you’re wondering: How long does marijuana stay in […]

The Side Effects of Cannabis Use – Smoking, Edibles, and Vaping

The Side Effects of Using Cannabis

The once beloved cannabis plant has become a modern miracle medicine in the contemporary health industry. Both THC and CBD have won the hearts of patients across Canada, and the best is apparently yet to come. And while the health benefits of using cannabis are undeniable, there are certain risks involved if you are a […]

10 Worst Places in the World to be Caught with Weed

Worst Places to be Caught with Weed

Cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes is slowly being legalized in many places. Yet there are still many countries where the plant remains very illegal. When you visit these regions you do not want to be caught with weed. The penalties for trafficking or even just possessing weed in some regions can be […]

Top 5 Places to Hotbox with Marijuana


As anyone who is familiar with Cannabis knows, one of the most effective ways to smoke Marijuana is via a “hotbox”. The act of hotboxing is smoking Marijuana in a small, enclosed space with little, to no ventilation. Hotboxing can be enjoyed via joints, bongs, pipes, etc. The method is not important, but what happens […]

Cannabis and Sleep : Making the Most of Your Herbal Nightcap

cannabis and sleep

How to cannabis and sleep relate to each other? Well, there are some things we now. For instance, people have been smoking weed for centuries, and they have been doing it for several reasons. Pain management, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, skin care, nausea relief, sleep deprivation – you name it.  The very fact that cannabis pollen […]

The Top 5 Most Common Indica Strains

Most Common Indica Strains

There’s nothing like hitting a good indica from Cannabismo after an exhausting day at work to drift away from the ordinary struggles. Descended from the Hindukush mountains, cannabis indica strains are an excellent fit for indoor cannabis growers. You can begin the harvest after six weeks, so this more calming marijuana variety is capable of […]

May the 4th Be With You – Celebrating Star Wars Day With Cannabis

may the fourth

May the 4th was officially named the international Star Wars Day in 2007. Why this date? Well, try to say “may the Force be with you” as if you were lisping and you’ll understand the linguistic pun right away. Celebrate May the 4th with Cannabismo! Last year, we put together a great Star Wars-themed pack […]

Benefits of Marijuana For Victims of Trauma

Benefits of Marijuana For Victims of Trauma

Medical marijuana is finally gaining wide acceptance in much of the West. As a result, researchers are still finding new and surprising benefits of marijuana use. One of the reasons for these new discoveries is that medical researchers couldn’t conduct proper medical marijuana studies on humans until recently. The new research is showing that the […]

8 Best Holiday Destinations for Weed Enthusiasts

weed destinations

As you probably know, weed has many medical and casual benefits. Fortunately, many countries are beginning to decriminalize laws against cannabis. Moreover, recreational use of marijuana is becoming more popular and people are more open about their love for weed. If you’re looking for some amusing weed destinations, definitely take our list into consideration. When […]

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana?

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana

Canada is now just less than a year away from making marijuana a legal drug for recreational consumption. It is really important for the Canadian Government at this point is to ensure that come July 1st 2018, there will be a sufficient supply of weed on the legal market to meet the sudden rush of […]

Cannabis for Pain Management

Cannabis for Pain Management

For thousands of years, humans have used cannabis in its various forms for a wide range of reasons. This includes use as a construction material, a ritual tool, a medication, and even a possible cure for diseases, including cancer and more. One of the most purposeful reasons it’s been around is the long-cherished link between […]

10-Must have Weed Accessories for Stoners

weed accessories

If you’re a real stoner, you probably know that being ready is important when it comes to when you buy weed. No matter if you’re at home or with your friends at the park, you always want to be prepared. To this end, it’s important to make sure you have your weed accessories ready anytime […]

Tousaw Says Licensed Producer Tilray Putting Down Home Growers

home growers

In a Facebook post, cannabis activist and lawyer Kirk Tousaw linked to a page from licensed producer Tilray that he said is another example of the medical grower insulting home growers. The page, entitled Tilray Extracts vs Homemade, contains a list of reasons why Tilray extracts are different from those made at home. “While making extracts at home […]

How Are Cannabis Extracts Made

How Are Cannabis Extracts Made

Gone are the times when smoking was the only known way of consuming cannabis. With the increasing popularity of marijuana in the mass culture and the broad discussion about the healing potential of the plant, people are looking for more healthy ways to use cannabis – like cannabis extracts. You’ve probably heard about dabs and […]

How To Store Weed

How To Store Weed

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, asking ourselves this existential question: “How long will my weed retain its potency?” There are many situations where the above question might suddenly crop up. Maybe you’ve come across a slightly used and forgotten bud in your winter jacket. Or, you’ve been performing spring duties […]

Is Weed Legal in Canada Yet? Find out!

weed legal

Making weed legal in Canada is a dream of the vast majority of pot-friendly Canadians. Fortunately, we can already see it coming. The main question is: when will the legalization of cannabis in Canada take place? [Main image source: Weed News]   UPDATE: Cannabis is now legal in Canada! Buy weed online now today with […]

Active Duty Police Officer Owns Dispensary

police officer owns dispensary

Phil Edgar is a 22-year veteran of the Durham, Ontario police department. He has an excellent reputation and is known for always following procedures. Once, Edgar received a commendation for numerous marijuana busts. He is well liked and well respected. Today, we’ll cover how this police officer also owns a marijuana dispensary!

Cannabis Laws Around The World

Cannabis Laws Around The World

There are few worldwide phenomena that match the scale and size of cannabis. Although cannabis laws differ depending on a continent, you’ll hardly find a country without a cannabis community. In fact, every country on every continent on this planet has a history with the cannabis plant and the many pot strains. It’s no wonder […]

Top 3 TV Series With Best Weed Strains for a Netflix & Chill Session

TV Series And Weed Strains For Your Next Netflix & Chill Session

The practice of watching trendy TV Series, aka “Netflix and Chill” has become extremely popular recently, especially among millennials. Actually, the phrase has got so much of the spotlight that it now can be translated a little bit differently, depending on the context. Of course, originally, Netflix and Chill referred to sitting in front of […]

Top 5 Stoner Movie Characters of All Time

stoner movie stars

Sometimes it can just be fun to chill out with some nice weed, light up and watch a film with some good munchie food. The following are 5 fictional characters from the movies who also happen to enjoy getting high. These stoner movie characters are from different genres including classic stoner favorites, comedies and even […]

Should You Be Using Hot Water To Get Better Bong Hits

bong hits

If you’re a weed lover, chances are you have tried smoking with a bong before. There are three things you need to get good bong hits: a bong, your bud, and the water. Many people still wonder what  the perfect temperature of water is and some of them tried using ice cold water in their […]